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The International Writer's Magazine - March 2005 - Welcome

Hackwriters '05

Travel the world for free -
Ramon Stoppelenburg
Hoge Veluwe National Park
Stephen Benz in Holland

Snatching Victory
Eric D Lehman on The White Mountain
Buenos Aires: Diary No 11
Dermot is back 2005
Romanian Winter Vacation
Peter R. Dew
takes the train
Liberal Bias in the media? James Campion
Star Trek Enterprise
finally Crash-Lands
Rev Antonio Hernandez

Aerophobia - Fear of Flying
Sarah W offers good avice
Against Complacency in Advertising
Clive Branson

Modern Living
Diplomatic Diary 6
James Skinner - English invaders

Steroids in sport
James Campion

On-Line Dating
Karen Saxby catches her man
How to make a woman happy

Visit Calistoga, CA
Paul D. Roberts goes sideways

The Zen of Japanese Interiors
Sam Barnes
More Comment
On Self Destruct
Alan Stokes
Form Follows Function
Dorothee Lang
The Death of an Immigrant
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra


Timothy P Waldron - a story about identity
Vodka, Wine, Milk
Mary Wilson - nothing left
The Real Heroes of the Pacific
Judy Radano on Holiday Street
Take it or Leave it
Alan Stokes

Life: A Hall of Mirrors
David C Card in the playground

Summer in Cadillac
Mike Blake - a novella
'I had no intention of spending more than a summer on the island.'

Farewell Gonzo
James Ryder
Under the Influence of Gonzo
James Evans

Hunter Stockton Thompson
James Campion
+ readers letters

Diplomatic Diary No 5
James Skinner- Going Cruisin'

Desperate Housewives
Robert Cottingham

The Sea Inside
Oscar Winner
James Skinner review

Dubliners by James Joyce
Dan Schneider

King Arthur (2004)
Getting the fact straight
Rev Antonio Hernandez

Life Studies

by Susan Vreeland
A Gemma Williams review
Transmission by Hari Kunzru
A Keren Arnold Review

The Chorus (Les Choristes)
Dir Christophe Barratier
Eleanor Rigby

by Douglas Coupland
Anarchism by Colin Ward
A Charlie Dickinson review
The James Deans - a Moe Prager Mystery by Reed Farrel Coleman
A Laura Jones Review
The Village (DVD)
Dan Schneider review

Mystic River (DVD)
Dan Schneider review

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