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:Dreamscapes on Jealousy

'The One'
Gemma Ayres

It was love at first sight. The moment I saw him, I knew. He was the one for me, and we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. He freed me from the world of take away pizza and repeats of “Blind Date’’ and took me to a place where I was happy all the time, and never alone. He needed me, and that made me feel special. No one had ever needed me before. My whole life I had been a sad, pathetic loser who no one loved. And then he came along. And everything changed.

It’s a beautiful spring morning, and we’re going for a walk in the park. As we’re walking down the street, I notice the lovely pink blossom on the trees, and think how much brighter the world has become since he entered my life - and to think, that was just six months ago! It’s amazing how much it has changed, what a different, happier person I have become.

As we are happily strolling along, I suddenly notice a haughty female striding towards us. Immediately he turns to look at her. She stops, and looks at him, and in that instant I freeze. I can tell there is something between them, and I don’t like it. The way she’s looking at him - only I can look at him like that! I’m the only one who knows him and understands him. I’m the most important person in his life, he loves me, he needs me, he wants to be with me only. But in the last two minutes since they met, he hasn’t been able to keep his eyes off her and I am suddenly invisible. Standing here on the pavement, people walking by, happy and joyful, not even noticing me or my pain, not caring that my world is crumbling, falling apart right before my eyes. I feel sick.

Images start flashing through my mind. Me, alone in the flat, gazing at his picture on the mantelpiece, sniffing and crying, reminiscing about days when it was just the two of us, and he was loyal and loved only me. Images of us together - in the park, on the beach, in the garden at home, just sitting cuddled up on the sofa in the evening… these happy memories and dreams of our future are fast evaporating, as she invades our lives. Suddenly I am pushed to the side - ignored, invisible, just like I have been my whole life.

No! I’m not going to let this happen. I won’t let that bitch steal him from me, I won’t lose the best thing in my life, the only one who ever cared for me and gave me undivided attention and never ending love. I will not let this happen! Sharply I tug on his lead, and, ignoring his barks of protest, drag him towards the park.

© Gemma Ayres December 2004
purplehaze235 at

Gemma is a Creative Arts Students Portsmouth University

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