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What's a Girl to do?

pen, take out, handle with care and pause for a moment. Savour that time before the pleasure becomes real. Look, think, wait with anticipation. Drool, become increasingly excited, then take the plunge. Ooh… what heavenly delight, when two become one, textures mingled, heartbeat racing. Several glorious inches of sweet desire. Mmm…What more could a girl ask for? All that satisfaction for under a pound. What? I'm talking about a Cadburys Flake, you cheeky chappies!

Yes, apparently when asked for their preference, most women would put chocolate above sex. My initial reaction to this is to think how strange. Perhaps these women have never had magical, mind blowing sex, the kind of experience that makes one feel as though they have been brought back from the dead. As I think more deeply I begin to understand their choice. Chocolate is reliable. Chocolate is selfless. Chocolate always hits the mark.

Okay, so it may just give you a temporary high but it's always easy to get some more. It's cheap, highly accessible and doesn't answer back.
flake girl

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