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An "emit" of epic proportions.
Sara Towe

It has been a long journey but I feel that now I am finally at the starting gate ready to pounce forward and win the race.

It feels like years that I have been chasing my true purpose in life, but at last fate led me to my calling and now I am really ready to embark on this adventure and take off.

For those who are not familiar with my journey, 5 years ago I became single and have been teaching personal career development and training. I loved what I was doing, but it was not leading where I wanted to go. So 18 months ago I was introduced to an opportunity to bring electric bikes into Canada and the States. I went to Taiwan to meet with the manufacturers. My then business partner and I came back and set in motion the selling of these bikes. By chance I met up with an old friend who changed the direction of the business completely. Instead of bringing the bikes in at great cost and which was also unprofitable, he had invented a motor that could attach to the bikes as an option and would make them go faster, be lighter and be far more reliable that what we would have bought in. So plan we did, but the other partner went on about his life, finding this all too much for him, leaving myself and Bill (my friend ) to get this into reality.

We went a bit off track as this technology could also be used in other things and we did try putting the cart before the horse until we realized what is was we were doing and put things back into alignment. But what it did was to show how far we could dream and that we could dream in sync. We dreamed and planned and when we had gone as far as we could possibly go, we went right back to the beginning to set things in real motion.

The motor is amazing; the technology around it is so simple in concept but of-course still above my head. The point is that we erase the need for fossil fuel altogether in transportation. No we are not dreaming, this is a big reality that will change future global travel. Environmental, economical, and user friendly and keyed by an ipod this alternative is a God send for this world that we live in and my partner is the inventor of it, the "EMIT" of "EMIT ezOne plc" It is very rewarding to be a part of something so big and so awesome, I never could have thought this for myself, but glad that the Gods did.

Sometimes I feel that my life has stepped outside of itself. I am not the person that I was before or have ever been, but feel more myself than I ever could think possible. I have to step back and try to remember who it was I used to be. A mother yes, a good one, I think so, my kids had all of me for over 23 years. Now they are getting to know someone else in me, and I have to say they like who I am now.

Is it because I have finally accepted myself for who I really am? Or is it that I always was who I am but hid from myself? Or is it because I fell in love and truly embraced my inner self and evened out all the inner conflict. I was not sure that I could love again, although I wanted to. I was in pain and untrusting, and some ways enjoying being single. No one to clean, run after or bow to, but that also can be lonely and in this world unforgiving.

He also was not looking for love, directly, but with time and truly getting to know each other on a deep spiritual level and complementing one another in intellect, we both finally realized, to each of us a shock, that we really did love one other and life would never be the same again.

Yes it is my partner, whom I never would have thought that we would end up together at all, but fate had other plans and here we are making our dream a reality for each other and our common cause to make this a better world. It is hard to believe that all those hours spent together just talking and planning could lead to this. Yes just talking for 4-8 hours at a time with no other intention other than enjoying our company, it can be done, but that in itself should have told us something. Where do you see a man and woman talking so earnestly for so long and about such diversified subjects. We clicked but thought we were just good friends. We had no idea that that this would be a sexual attraction, but love in the form of respect and value were an attraction, so we seemed to walk into a relationship blindly unaware that was what we were doing. But when one-steps back you can see in retrospect that it was happening all the time. Others around us knew and were not at all surprised. It took us some time to get used to it and all the complications that come with it, like kids, e-spouses. Now we are coming up to our sixth month and have settled down into a routine, no not boring yet, and are very excited about moving forward with both our lives together and in business, which is our common dream.

So, be careful for what you ask for, the Gods do answer but in a way they see fit, not what we always see for ourselves. It was all so obvious that we could not see it for looking. But when you least expect it, it arrives at your very door. I wanted a change to be life altering for people and myself that I work with. Well I would say that my life has most defiantly changed and the lives of every one in the world will be eventually changed due to this technology. So I think my wish came true even though I had envisaged it in a different format. Excitement, anticipation, surrealism and total belief is where I am right now and wonderment of what I am walking towards. Life is good.
Come join the adventure and be apart of a new cleaner era.

©  Sara Towe July 2006

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