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: USA Election Comment

The Boss is back
James Skinner

Europe is licking its wounds. For months, politicians, journalists, pacifists, feminists and all but members of the Holy Grail have been praying for a John Kerry victory in the US elections. The build up euphoria was so great that people really believed that George Bush had had it and was out on his ear come 2nd of November 2004.

The propaganda displayed in the last few weeks by the media convinced even the staunch conservatives that JK would eventually win and save the world. When the bubble deflated, there were hundreds of thousands of human beings all over the ‘old’ continent crying in their beers, sobbing up against trees and literally hugging each other to death in mutual consolation as the news came through that George had made it, yet again. Not only was he confirmed for a second term, but with a resounding victory never before seen in the electoral history of America. Once again, the reason for such an extraordinary miscalculation of judgement and prediction of the outcome was due to the prevalent and mounting pacifist mood throughout Europe. Society on this side of the pond still believe in fairy tales and good Samaritans and forget that the world is in danger of extinction if Islamic fundamentalism is not eradicated. Part of George Bush’s campaign was to hammer home the message: ‘vote for me and I’ll protect you from all those goofs out there!’ It worked. Europe never understood.

That is exactly the point. Whilst most over here were having a good time, whooping it up with gay marriages, anti-war demonstrations and withdrawing troops from war torn Iraq, Middle America was concerned about good old fashion Christian values going to the wind. When Maude from Kansas, or Steve from Ohio went to the polls, they were not reviewing their geography lesson or thinking about the huge overseas military expenditure. They were not checking the international press coverage from the Al Jazzeea television network that has been spreading anti-Americanism for months. Although they had a blurred vision of a threat by an unidentified bunch of loin clothed hoodlums decapitating and blowing up innocent humans somewhere outside America, what they wanted was a return to true Christian values. Stop homosexual marriages and abortion. Stop flirting with embryonic cell experiments and get back to Bible punching. These voters from Middle America were not interested in the fact that about a hundred thousand or so Iraqis have died since the country was liberated, let alone those who were captured, tortured and humiliated. That families throughout Iraq were clinging together as best they could, trying to understand what the hell was going on in their invaded country. Middle America was probably unaware that Baghdad and other cities were and are being blown to bits every day by the 7th cavalry and that food, water, electricity and other basic needs are in short supply. All they were told was that the price to pay for their national safety was the sacrifice of a few loyal and patriotic US marines as their army soldiered on to victory and glory regardless of where on earth the turmoil was happening. Middle America just wanted to live in peace, cling to the Stars and Stripes and be left alone. If the establishment had to blow up Mecca to leave us alone, then let them get on with it!
Europe never understood this deep insular feeling of ‘I don’t give a damn about the world as long as I can continue to eat peanut butter and pray every Sunday’. They never understood why George W. Bush among other reasons was to Middle America, David the Christian against Goliath the Islamic Satan, an American Don Quixote against an army of Muslim windmills, a Bruce Willis fighting Allah with his bare hands to save America. Europe never understood.

The post-election day was even more hilarious. No sooner had George gone before the goggle box to announce his victory, most of the top brass from the ‘old’ continent started buttering up to the new leader with the feeling of ‘the King is dead, long live the King!’ Hypocrisy was rampant. France and Spain literally bent over backwards to hail the new chief. Germany said that although they had refused to send troops to Iraq, they were staunch allies in the so-called ‘war against terrorism’. In fact the European Union has vowed to rally together and pull out all the stops to help America in this new and uncertain world. Trouble is that the majority of the European media had been lying through its teeth. Regardless of whether the USA was right or wrong in going after Sadam Hussein and that weapons of mass destruction were never found, the truth is that George Bush at the time had, and still has, many allies throughout the world regarding the whole issue of the Middle East. South Korea, Japan and Russia have welcomed the re-election of the new Republican army. Italy and Britain, not to mention Australia have always maintained an alliance despite furious outbursts of anti-Americanism within their own societies and do not need to reconfirm their support. Most of Latin America is happy. George speaks Spanish! So where does all this leave us?

Back to square one! Nothing is going to change. George may re-shuffle some of his bodyguards. He may stop insulting half the world. He may even allow his citizens to travel to Europe on a holiday. But one thing is certain. He is going to go after the bad guys stronger than ever and with every weapon he can. Every rock, every stone, every corner of the earth will be checked out until he gets his hands on Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda mob. If I were you I would purchase a good supply of wheat, salt and powdered milk plus a case of ‘Black Label’ then run to the furthest away place on earth. I would cross my fingers, hope and pray that nobody pushes the lethal red button that we all know is hidden somewhere. In the meantime I would leave all mobile phones and internet Pacman machines at home take a good collection of jigsaw puzzles, a chess set - in case you’re not alone – and a copy of ‘Diamonds’ to keep you company. Europe would never understand!
© James Skinner November 10th 2004.

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