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The International Writer's Magazine - October 2004

Hackwriters '04

Half Truths and Soundbites
James Campion on the TV debates

Choosing Presidents
James Skinner- a Euro perspective

Under the Bush Thumb
Rev Antonio Hernandez wants liars out of the White House
Mr Kerry + Readers Responses
James Campion
GW Bush & the Death of Diplomacy
Larry Rolirad

Will the taller man win?
Larry S Rolirad considers the odds

Why Bush Must Go
James Campion - reality check
Down to the wire
Dan Schneider does the numbers on the US Eection
Why isn't Health Care Election Issue No 1?

Michael levy

When Doves Burn Pt Two
Phil Mershon's Survivors guide to the US Election

The Reagan Myths
Dan Schneider - how Ronald Reagan saved the world

Processing the Travel Experience
Eric D Lehman
Surviving the Golden Years
James Skinner on the Third Age

The Free City of Christiana
Eva Bell in the Hippie Capital

Turning Fifty and Loving it
Sara Towe celebrates life

Old Bejing
Habeeb Salloum in the Hutongs

Toyota Echo -the new Beetle?
Charles Dickinson

Election battlegrounds
James Campion

David Tavernier

Bee after bee, swarms of them, filtered in a buzzing stream through the roseprick in his suit
The Pig Hole
William Starr Moake
"You wanna make some money today?" he asked.
The Adman & Olga
Martin Green NY '63

'It's time he met a nice girl and got married'.
Oakland in Black and White
David Tavernier
"Empty out yer pockets and gimme yer wallet kid."
The Great Beyond-Chapter Seven
New Evil Shrugg is set a task. Find him or else
The Gingerbreadman and Cheese
Phil Mershon

'It's the Feds, Park...

Mary Wilson
"Need some help there, lady?"
Jack Ruby
Jim Parks
'That guy Jack Ruby you used to talk about - he just shot Oswald'.
Going Crazy in Noway
Kathy Sharrad loses the plot
Dusty Daze on Triplicane Road

Colin Todhunter on surviving dysentry in Chennai hospitals

Samurai Blues

Sam Barnes on how Japan keeps it's cool
Mendoza Argentina
Dermot Sullivan's Diary No 8
In Lebanon
Guy Burton goes backpacking and is promptly arrested...

A Hopper Kind of Day
Jeffrey Beyl fishing in Montana

Weekend Break in Empuries
Natayla Popova in Spain

Along the Mekong
Dan Pendergrass decodes the mystery of travellers

Candyfloss on a winter's day
Darren Skelton in China

Cham Muslims in Cambodia
Antonio Graceffo
Code 46
Dir Michael Winterbottom
Notice by Heather Lewis
A Charlie Dickinson review

In the Company of Cheerful Ladies by Alexander McCall Smith
Love Actually
Dir Richard Curtis
Dan Schneider review

Judging Kilmer
Dan Schnieder on Val Kilmer in The Salton Sea & Wonderland
A funny thing happened to the musical on the way to the theatre
Ben Macpherson laments

John Taylor's Photographic Show
'The American South West'
Oct 15 to 31st
The Ironworks - Vancouver
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Between a Rock and Randomness
Dan Schneider
...other kids might echo her taunts, but Laney was especially loud, mean, ruthless, and relentless

Black Buffalo Woman
Jeffrey Beyl

This pain now only told him that he was still alive and that the prophecy had not been fulfilled.

Diamonds - The Rush of '72
By Sam North
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'a terrific piece of storytelling'
Historical Novel Society Review
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