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The International Writer's Magazine - MAY 2004
Guest Editorial- James Skinner Celebrating Portugal's Carnation Revolution

Hackwriters 2004 - Fiction, Travel, Comment and Lifestyles Across The World

Good Eating
Denni Schnapp in Taiwan

To go to Russia...
Jeff Clifford: Russian Diary
10 Days in Moscow & St Pete
Cruising to Alaska
Sara Towe in Glacier Bay

Theresa Hunt in Greece
The Georgetown Factor
James Campion
on Bush
Clinton: a retrospective
Dan Schnieder
Symbols and Democracy
Kane X Faucher

Patriotism and the Vote
Robert Wolf
Silver and Blue can lose too
Gamblers Ruin

Clive Branson in Niagara

Enterprise Season 4 is go
Rev Antonio Hernandez
The Mysteries & Future of Websites
Nassem Javed on global branding
"Watch out for rocks!"
Paddling the Maekok River
Antonio Graceffo

The history of the Irish stick
The Importance of Shillelagh
Rev. Antonio Hernandez
Don't let the bed bugs bite
Rich Cooper in Australia

Taroko Gorge Hot Springs
Denni Schnapp in Taiwan

Ani DiFranco in Bloom
James Campion with diva

A New York State of Mind
Clive Branson drives through

Taking the Hard Way
Tabytha Towe

Santiago Diary No4:
Dermot Sullivan in Chile

Marrakesh in a time of terror
Theresa Hunt

The Language Barrier
Richard Cooper on accents

I hung there, completely cognizant, bleeding to death.
The Great Beyond

Brodie Parker in the afterlife

Chapter Two & Three now added...
Cold - A Squatter's Tale
When I grow up...
Tolu Ogunlesi on being a poet

Chris Brandt Profile
Jenny Brown interviews the founder of Cazart!

The End of Global Tourism?

Fingerprint frontiers
Jamaicans think about rain like Americans think about snow.
A Year in Jamaica

Simone Gigliotti
Eternal Sunshine - Spotless Mind Dir - Michel Gondry
Screenplay - Charlie Kaufman
Kill Bill Vol 2 -
Dir Quentin Tarantino
Dan Schneider Review
Heat Dir Michael Mann
Dan Schnieder Review
M.Night Shyamalan
Andrew Stuart's retrospective
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You don’t understand.’ Monica’s voice was practically hoarse with sudden emotion. ‘It’s something I saw, a violent death Jan. I’m not kidding...
Sam North

"There’s sex and drugs and rock and roll. All behind the tape. Just out of reach of the ordinary folk..."
Exorcising Luca
Elayne Keratsis

“Damn, man, what are you doing out here?” the driver asked.

Going West

M. Blake

Publish On Demand
Graham Cook at Writersworld tells you how to get into print

Kill Bill Vol 2 Second Take
Ian Jordan

Zapatero & Spain
James Skinner

Headlines are bad for You
Antonio Hernandez, Rev
The Greatest Brains
Antonio Hernandez on autism

The good doctor helped this man
A Peaceful Way To Go
Antonio Hernandez

"I’m here to write songs. I’m here to make noise... to put things right."
Springtime for Bernstein
James Campion in New York

Buying Misery On-Line
Antonio Hernandez , Rev

Knock On Wood
Antonio Hernandez, Rev

No road justice
Driving to Desperation

Rev Antonio Hernandez

Why Rumsfeld Must Stay
James Campion

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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