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Patriotism and the Vote
Robert Wolf on why he won't be voting for the 'President'

A good friend recently chastised me for my efforts on the upcoming election. “As an American” she said, “it is your duty to support your president during a war. Questioning him as he was in his recent press conference is unpatriotic”

Unfortunately this is the feeling of much of our nation. Bush is benefiting from a time long gone, when presidents, teachers, clergy, and doctors were above reproach. A time when morals and standards were never discussed and just assumed.

That time, however, bears no relevance to now. We have a president, not duly elected by the majority, who repeatedly has diminished America’s standing in the world through his actions and words. A president who too frequently needs others in the White House to clarify both what he has said and what he meant to say.
The dishonestly of this administration surpasses anything in recent presidential memory.
Bush has so lowered the bar of expectation for integrity that it will reverberate for years through this country. He cast his favor on the industries that support him and not the citizens who need it most. He rewards his friends with positions of influence, while the average man nets less and less of value in work and in life.

This is an administration whose first order of business was weakening emission standards for air and water. While this hurts both rich and poor of both parties, it helps the bottom line of those energy companies who are so cozy with this administration. An administration whose hallmark is arrogance and whose flag is smugness; a flag waving too often over this great nation of ours.

To this attorney general, covering a nude statue is taking a stand for decency and working against abortion is a stand for freedom. To our vice president, a war’s cost isn’t measured by lives but by profits, understandable since he served corporately and not militarily. And let’s not even discuss our secretary of WAR.

If a restaurant offered service that was dishonest and food that was inferior you would probably not go back. You would keep trying restaurants until you found one you liked.
Voting for candidates is no different. A voter is not there to settle; a voter is there to vote.
The argument that we at least know what we have with Bush is ludicrous. I knew I had a wart once, but I still had it removed.
This is the great thing about this country. We are free to choose, make mistakes, and then try to correct them. Bush was a mistake, and it’s time to correct it. First time, shame on Bush; second time, shame on us all.
I don’t know about you, but I worried much less about the last president receiving a blow job in his office than I do about getting screwed daily by the current one.

© Robert Wolf May 11th 2004

The Lie of the Land

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