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The International Writer's Magazine- April 2004

Hackwriters 2004 - Fiction, Travel, Comment and Lifestyles Across The World

Boone Hall Plantation
Melissa Katz in Charleston. SC
A Voyage on The Endeavour
James Skinner at sea
Time To Mango
Judy Joines in South Florida

Lydia Smith in China

Orcas Island
Hana Field + one sister

Paddling the Maekok River
Antonio Graceffo in Thailand

From Split to Dalmatia
Chris Thompson takes the train

100 Reasons to visit Tokyo
Barry Dunstall
High Stakes - Bad Breaks
G W Bush and his addiction
James Campion
Two Sides - One War

J Lee Fredrick on Iraq
Akha Hilltop Tribes
Antonio Graceffo
The Bush Bind
Dan Schneider

James Skinner
Branding a Century
Naseem Javed on the future of brands in the cyber-market

Zapatero & Spain's Future
James Skinner

Taking the Hard Way
Tabytha Towe's Vancouver Diary
Big Yellow Thing

Colin James Haslett on rain
We are all Heretics
Rev Antonio Hernandez
Go Snowboarding and get paid
Racheal D'Cruze
Turning 30 - Making Changes
Alaina Alexander
Laser Eye Surgery
Sara Towe gets the treament
Letter From Santiago No 3
Dermot Sullivan

Paul H Schnaars - madness in space
The Ark
Mary Wilson down on the farm

Murmurings of Return
Richard Meyer on the draft: 1967

Brodie Parker - Kill the Monster

Jeanette Harris and a $100 bill
Gramps 117 and fading fast
Brodie Parker
Driving Home
Bonnie Nish seeks a birthplace

My Life in Letters
Ryan K Smith

Life Between Two Nations
Matt Brown in Africa

News: Enter the Channel 4
New Writers Programme.
Your chance to write for TV
Rev Antonio Hernandez
The Delicate Art of Parking -Promo
The Butterfly Effect
Dan Schneider Review
(now out in UK)
Breakfast With Hunter
James Campion
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"There’s sex and drugs and rock and roll. All behind the tape. Just out of reach of the ordinary folk..."

Exorcising Luca
Elayne Keratsis

"You’ve to go back down to the mammogram department, don’t ask me why, because I don’t know."

Pair Bond

Anna Dickie

Joker in the White House
Barry Mitchell

Conspiracies Abound
Rev Antonio Hernandez

Responding To Passion
Readers Letters to Campion

Why the left Won in Spain
James Skinner

9/11 Commission
James Campion

Saving Mathew McDaniel
Antonio Graceffo

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little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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