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: Scriptwriting news UK TV Drama Opportunity


C4 continues its commitment to encourage innovation and experimentation in story-telling and to look for new ideas and fresh perspectives on television drama. Last year produced a wide variety of material ranging from romantic comedy to urban gothic, hammer horror to lyric poem. One of the writers from this season went on to write and direct a BAFTA nominated short film and another has been shortlisted for the TAPS short film award.
The brief is to push the boundaries of structure, form and subject matter, and to tell stories in a way that wouldn't or couldn't be done in mainstream drama. They will be largely, but not exclusively, young and urban. All must be contemporary. Each will be shot in four days on a very limited budget, so a maximum of four locations and 4-6 speaking parts is a good parameter to work towards.

Open to anyone without a primetime TV drama credit (i.e. anything transmitted on a major terrestrial channel between the hours of 7-11pm). This is an opportunity for new writers to experience having their work professionally produced for television.

The writers who are successful will be guided through the process of taking an idea from treatment to script stage and from there to working with the director through to the production of the film itself. The hope is to introduce major new talent to mainstream drama. Submissions from multicultural filmmakers and writers will be particularly welcome.

The slot is 24 minutes and the Commissioning Editor is Jess Search, Independent Film and Video.
Successful applicants will receive a fee of £1500 for their commissioned script. Due to the number of anticipated responses, only those who are accepted will be contacted.

Please submit a writing sample and short treatment for the film (1-2 pages max) to C4 New Writers, Ideal World Productions, 3rd Floor, 77 East Road, London, N1 6AH. - The deadline for submissions is Monday 17 May.


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