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The Lie of the Land
Robert Wolf on Bush and honesty in politics

I’m growing very tired of the Bush administration’s assumption that anything and everything important to them is best for America.
They continue to repay political debts with a currency of fiscal irresponsibility, endangering the futures of generations to come.

Whether recalling in California or redistricting in Texas, Bush and the apostles have managed to cause ever increasing embarrassment to the office of president and to politics in general. As the team with the power, they’ve decided that the rules exist for them to change as they please with no thought to the damage it may cause the country.
The administration’s dropping popularity might be the realization by our citizenry that we’re not as ignorant as the 'bushies' think we are. That the transparent actions of an immature president and his corrupt advisors no longer go unnoticed. That unquestioning support for his policies is waning and we now understand that to question is not un-American and to disagree is not treason.

Terrorists exist and will continue to as long as the violence they encourage results in increased power and strength. This president’s aloofness towards the global reality that what affects any of us, affects all of us, only provides fodder for the radicals. How long can the white house ignore global warming, HIV and oil conservation? How many times will gun control be swept under the blanket because this President doesn’t have the balls to stand up and risk votes? How many eccentric judges will he nominate knowing with each one he risks the balance of the nation? How many friends and business associates will end up inappropriately benefiting through government contracts and government positions? How many people who speak their minds will end up punished by either an Ashcroft investigation or simply having their identities leaked and put at risk?

This country thought they were getting a president who cared for all its citizens, and not just rich white businessmen like him. Someone who protected religious freedom for all and not just for those with beliefs like him. Someone who would strike a balance in environmental, economic and humanistic reality and not simply favor the contributors who supported or worked for him and his friends.

Saddam used his power to torture and control people, a madman who only thought of himself. Bush is selling out his country one favor at a time, and the crime is he knows better and can’t seem to stop.

© Robert Wolf October 2003


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