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2003 -The Writer's Magazine- September 2003
Editorial - Stairway to Heaven and other stories

The International Writers Magazine

An African Honeymoon
Zia Zaman: A Tanzanian Romance
Heather Neale on a flying visit
Are You a Traveller or Tourist?
Colin Todhunter
How To Write a Bestseller about India
Colin Todhunter

Eating Out In Japan
Dean H Ruezler experiments with western food

Past and Present
James Evans
Why Japan Won't Change
J T Brown
Poor Little Rich Thief
Michael Levy
on greed

The Californian Revolution

James Campion on CA politics
Part Two
Is This Perpetual War?
The Truth Seeker
Rod Bradford on Vice v Freedom

The Sansa Revolution
Dean H Ruetzler on the changes sweeping Japan
You Have Been Googled
Naseem Javed on
Brands & Verbs
Hi Ho An Actor's Life For Me
Colin Haslett
From Pacman to Gameboy
James Skinner

Bucky Dent &
The High White Note
James Campion
Enjo Kosai
J T Brown - in a love hotel
The Deauville Film Festival '03
Sam North

I'm A Believer

Heather Neale on Words and Terror in the backroom

Learning to Live With Fate
Robert Wolf

You Can Be A Swinger
Zaak Fresh
gets a new lifestyle
Men Get Problems too
Andrew Stuart a pain in the...

The Art of Positive Dating?
Sara Towe

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The Importance of
Dog Collars

Rev Antonio Hernandez
Defining Modern Nationalism
James Skinner on extremism
I Robot
The Future: made in Japan
J T Brown
Re-Elect George W Bush
(if you dare)
Antonio Hernandez OMD
Ashes by Kenzo Kitakata
Charlie Dickenson reviews a dark Yakuza thriller
From the Fiction Archives
Sundays with Dog
Writers with works in progress
Colonel James
James Skinner
Scrap Metal and the origins of the Falklands Conflict

Le Divorce -
A James Ivory Film
Kevin Costner's Open Range

Jeffrey Beyl Review
Femme Fatale
Mirko Stopar
State & Main
Mirko Stopar

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