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2003 -The Writer's Magazine- August Edition 2003
Editorial - Acting Your Age - Not Bloody Likely

This August on Hacks - The International Writers Magazine - Politics, Travel, Fiction, Reviews


Have Mask Will Travel
Shaun Davies in China during the Sars epidemic
Tourists in a Death Camp
Chris Thompsom in Terezin
Tales From the Maracuya

Teresa A Kendrik in Mexico
(In three parts)
Anyone For Chai?
Todhunter covers the globe

Why I stopped Diving
Jeffrey Beyl on the Ocean Floor

On Being a Travel Writer
Michael Sean Morris stays home
World Judo Masters in Tokyo

J T Brown is on the mat
A Traveller's Tale
Colin Todhunter- a dream journey to the Lake District and beyond
Copper Canyon: Mexico
Habeeb Salloum
Tabytha Towe Diaries
Escaping the Nest
Exploring Punjabi Roots
Rita Sidhu goes home
Chennai Hell Ride
Colin Todhunter on a dark road

Tokyo Life
J T Brown
Tokyo cheaper than New York

Stop The World
Owain Treece wants to get off

I Robot
The Future is made in Japan
J T Brown

Patriot Games in DC
Robert Wolf on a rant

Learning to Live With Fate
Robert Wolf rants again

Gay Bishops - Modern Illusions
James Campion takes a stand
Our Readers Respond!
On Gay Marriages
Colin James Haslett

New Names - New Realities
in US Banking

Naseem Javed on the
'name economy
Will Iraq survive the peace?
James Skinner

Would Your Government Ever Lie to You?
James Campion
California Schemin'
James Campion on the Recall of Governor Gray Davis
When the lights go out
J T Brown
Deathstyles: Euthanasia
James Skinner says why wait?
British Life Now
Jenny Brown in Brighton

This Really Is Spinal Tap
Heather Neale
gets a pain in the neck

Seeking Bliss
Colin James Haslett
on finding happiness

A Tale of Two Woman
Todhunter on love

You Can be Like Ben Curtis
says Michael Levy

Big Brother
Rev Antonio Hernandez
Maggie Tiojakin on her father
Discovering my Jewish Heritage
Rev Antonio Hernandez

How To Start A Novel
James Skinner on Page One

Cape Cod Style
Zia Zaman
Check out the previous 2003 issues here
The Mannequin
Sidi Benzahra

'You are the one' she said and he got out the sledgehammer...

Pod's Luck

Helen Weston
'Short Story of the year' 2003
Welcome to Paradise
Mahi Binebine
A Charlie Dickinson Review -
a tale of illegal immigrants from Africa to Spain

Left Behind 2
Rev Antiono Hernandez reviews this anti-semitic film

Kevin Costner's Open Range
Jeffrey Beyl Review
La Comunidad
An Alex de La Iglesia film
(Brilliant and hilarious)
Whale Rider
Directed by Niki Caro
Led Zepplin Redux
Jefferey Beyl
reviews the new Atlantic DVD
State & Main
Mirko Stopar
Mirko Stopar
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Three Days at The Chinese Buffet - New
Elayne Keratsis
Rule One: never pick up strangers
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Vicky Banning
Allen McGill
'Just a sweet little of old dear of 72...'

Fear Itself
Walter Mosely

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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