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About Scriptshop
Run by Writer/Director Kevin Smith

The website receives spec scripts from writers, does a professional reading and if the script is recommended posts a synopsis and critique of it on the site for 3 months. Writers whose scripts are passed on get a full appraisal with suggestions to improve the script and the chance to re-submit it for a reduced fee. Every script that has been on site has been requested by at least three production companies including Xingu Films, BskyB, Saltire Films, Tomboy Films, Steon Films, Gruber Productions (Waking Ned) etc etc.
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‘Scriptshop’ the first spec script website launched at Cannes in May 2000 has just registered it’s first major success with the sale of ‘Silent Cry’. Also ‘Connor’ has been optioned by the producer of ‘The Bunker’ and ‘An Ideal Husband.

‘The Silent Cry’ written by Simon Lubert is to be made into a £3 million picture starring Emily Woof, Douglas Henshall, Frank Finlay.The film is now in post-production.

‘The Silent Cry’ was one of the very first script synopsis posted up on ‘Scriptshops’ website.
"My agent had sent the script everywhere with no luck. When I say everywhere I mean like most agents... to about ten production outfits,all passed. Then I heard about ‘Scriptshop’and realised it could give it far more exposure than my agent could ever achieve. So I thought why not give it a shot ? When you’ve spent six months of your life writing a script it’s worth trying everything you can.' Simon Lubert Writer ‘The Silent Cry’

"When I heard of ‘Scriptshop’ it seemed like a good idea to take a look considering that the scripts up there had already been professionally read and selected. As a producer this could save me valuable time when looking for new material. I’d never have believed the first script I asked for would be good enough to literally go straight into production with. This service cost me absolutely nothing." Keith Hayley Producer


Editors Note: My own Script The Pushover was sold via this site and option completed 10.11.2001

Since then several writers have found sales through this site. Try it. Ed.

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