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2003 -The Writer's Magazine April/May Edition

Exciting First Chapters, Hacktreks World Journeys and New Fiction-
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An Aconcagua Christmas
'To travel hopefully
Diana Reid in Argentina
Musing at the "Fumoto"
Dean Ruetzler: life with a volcano
Nick Richards discovers a special world apart from the mainland
The Postcard Seller
Jo McMillan in Vietnam

Murray Walker in Thailand
Cycling Across Tasmania
Stewart Hughes

Holiday Ruined? Caught something nasty?
RDF Media need your story for documentary on Channel 4

War Journalism
James Campion gives a
Reality Check

Divide and Conquer
James Skinner on the disintegration of Euro politics

The Media At War
James Skinner on the price of embedded journos

WorldFest Houston Film festival - It's a wrap
North Korea v Japan
Part 2 of J T Brown's in depth look at N.Korean espionage
Ten Lies about the Invasion
James Campion

The Metaphysics of
Moustache hating

Greg and Jane Lodge
The Dead Sit Round in A Ring
by David Lawrence
Land of the Living
by Nicci French
No Good Deed
by Manda Scott
The Rules of Silence
by David Lindsey

The Blue Edge of Midnight
Johnathon King

James Mangold's horror flick
James Foley's trickster movie

The Good Thief

Dir: Neil Jordan
Laurel Canyon
Dir: Lisa Cholodenko
The Core
Alex Grant review
Flower & Garnet
A wonderful film directed by Keith Behrman
A John McTiernan movie
Death in Venice Redux
Nick Richards retraces Aschenbach's steps at The Lido
Tbilis i- Georgia
Patric Gill journeys to Gori, Stalin's birthplace

A Roman Awakening
Richard Palese
Ice Hockey in Japan
Dean H Ruetzler
Canada v Finland
Two Ghosts in a Christian Cemetery
Sidi Benzahra

'Out of Season'
The Ironworks Gallery
May 1st-31st Vancouver

Blanket Statement
Malina Sarah Saval
It's hard to give it up

Reel Success
The 24Hour Film Contest
Kryshan Randel
The Buzzing by Jim Knipfel
A Charlie Dickinson Review
'hilarious and unsettling'
Brad Barkley's' Alisons Automotive Repair Manual'
Charlie Dickinson review

Front Row, Center
Malina Sarah Saval
spends nights with Bruce Springsteen

Quick Query Letters
Carolyn Campbell on how to sell your article

Sundays in Vancouver with dog
Sam North

Good Afternoon, Miss Garsha
'either you sing the scale, or you do detention.' Marcia Mascolini

Skeeze Whitlow
The Sisters whispered that she was touched by tongues of the Holy Spirit.
Between The Lines
Will Bombs drop on Vancouver?

Bonnie Nish
Daddy's Little Girl Learns To Drive
Mary Matsumoto

Robin Slick

a story about lust and trust
Simon Walker - What is Art?

Sam North

'...I need your help now '

Dale Chihuly
The Emperor of Seattle

Mitch Bytes
Barry Mitchell on Iraq

Talking Politics
Justin Jacob

Chuck Barris
launches a new singing career
Dan Bern
James Campion talks to the American songwriter

Be a Mountaineer?
Diana Reid climbs Mt Rainier
The Gift
Bob Orabona
'It would take me almost my entire lifetime to understand'
Along Came The Doors
Jeffrey Beyl

War of the Words
Naseem Javed
' the war will force the revival of the nationalistic brands'

Remembering Paul
Ma Donna Vela on loving a long lost brother

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Writers with works in progress

The Shah of Chicago
A novel
by A.J. Nabi
'.. four shipments of the best smack in the world and Jack would really be King'

Alice in La La Land
Malina Sarah Saval

' If I don’t see these people at once I’m going to go absolutely stark raving mad'. And I did.

The Power of Nothing
Robbin Yager
'To be still was impossible for her. They weren't living with a ghost...'

Cody Cobb
"I didn’t know I was sitting right next to the world’s greatest liar! This is too cool!"

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