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- Marching for Peace
2003 -The Writer's Magazine - February

2003 - World Journeys, New Fiction, Reviews and Comment - it's all here

Sayonara Japan
Mandy Mand says goodbye

Hello Oz
Mandy Mand
Backpacker Purgatory
Matt Casey in Bangkok

Japan on the Cheap
Go now for real bargains
Clarion Call
Rev Antonio Hernandez says save the children of Iraq
Propaganda 101
James Campion
Wartime Follies
Mitch Bytes
Barry Mitchell - Duct tape or Iraq - somethings got to give
Island Hopping in Greece
Natasha Malinda
Cafe Writer
Graeme Garvey
Strolling No Mans Land
Richard Noble in Bulgaria
Nevermoure, Don Henley, Nevermoure
Greg Veis
on rock music & SB1246
Waiting For India
Colin Todhunter on dining etiquette
A European Century?
Stewart Mandy on the new Europe
On Arriving at Calcutta Airport
Colin Todhunter on Indian Customs
James Campion on
Gangs Of New York
Brain Algra
On Being An American
Colin Todhunter
Uncle Sam’s Cola Dreams
Biography - A Game
Rev Antonio Hernandez
We can be heroes
Stewart Mandy
Two Days in Country Victoria
Brian Wood in Australia
Ed's Latin American Journey
'The secret is not to look before you swallow...'
Sandhill Cranes
Mike Farley on the life of birds
Listen to the rice grow
Tim Ashby in Laos
Mumbai Madness
Adam Parsons an India greenhorn
Mary Ellen Sanger
When The Internet Disappears
Michael Scott
Selective Heroism
James Campion on the real axis of evil

Writer's Block
Nicole Libin in a career spin
Big Brother Gates
Ron Silver confesses

Song Bird Deflated
Heather Neale
About Japanese Men
Mandy Mand
Not The Affirmative
Janice Slater
An African Queen?
Tabytha Towe prepares to leave
On Winning the National Leadership Award
Ron Crimson at Bubbys N.Y.

Portland, Maine
Ale and hearty
Simon Walker
A Laos Journal
Michael H Green
Benjamin Ward's Hawaiian secrets
Postcard from Miami
Stewart Mandy
a paradise gone sour?
The Sinking of The Prestige
James Skinner on the poisoned beaches of Spain
'Much too little too late'
Finding Your Way
Laura Drentea
The Navy Wants YOU!
Jeffrey Beyl on war
Timothy Leary - 40 years On
Denise Cassino
Lenny Bruce Continued
James Campion
Ip-Si -Hanpa
Exam Hell in South Korea
Craig Branch
The Signs of Life
Sara Towe
slow down, note how you feel
My Spinsterish Tendency
Dannah Sylvia T. Rubio in praise of the single life

Allen McGill comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress
A Fallen History
Judy Randano on being a klutz

The Suicide's Dog
J. N. Krause
A typical lower class morning
D. G. Harris

About a Dog
Dominic H gets a ransom note
Warren Vanderpool on spectres
The Ostrich & the Fog
Jeffrey Beyl modern parable
Circus Girls
Zaak Fresh loses the twins
The Cricket Bat
J.Vinay can't play
The Swing
Janice Slater playing with tigers
A Fallen History
Judy Randano on being a klutz
Tales from the
Chrysenthalis Forest (For kids)

Heaven's Edge
Romesh Gunesekera
Charlie Dickinson review
1421: The Year China Discovered the World -
by Gavin Menzies - Review
The Scheme for Full Employment by Magnus Mills
Picador USA, 2002, 204 pp., Charlie Dickinson

Russian Experiences
Denise M Clark on the Raven's semi-autobiographical tale
Steffi's Club
D.A. Blyler's wild romp in Czech Republic
Richard Oleska review
The Guru of Love
Samrat Upadhyay
Charlie Dickinson Review
Chuck Barris Rules
Rev Antonio hernandez
OSCAR nominations
Alex Grant
The Price of Safety Rises
Would you feel safer if the cops knew your every move? James Campion
Fighting the War on Terror
Ben Jonjak
Soul Circus- George Pelecanos' latest Derek Strange novel
'Lost Light'
the new crime novel by
Michael Connelley
Ian Rankin's Ressurection Men
Alex Grant reviews the new Inspector Rebus novel
Elmore Leonard's 'When the Women Come Out To Dance'
Alex Grant
MobTown &
A Viking Funeral

Two new mysteries

Ken Follet's Hornet Flight
Alex Grant
Small Town by Lawrence Block
New erotic mystery

The Hours
The Golden Globe Winner
Final Destination 2
The Quiet American

Alex Grant reviews
Graham Greene Adaptation
Gangs of New York, Two Towers, Evelyn and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind , Narc
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