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Sara Towe

Most of us miss the signs that signify an impending crisis in our own lives.

You may have seen the movie "SIGNS" where odd events and quirky moments are an omen of what terror is coming. What you’d most likely do is panic if actually faced with aliens, but what if it isn’t beings from outer space that are sending you ‘signs’? Perhaps something closer to home, someone or something you know well? Most of us miss the signs that signify an impending crisis in our own lives. My question to you is this; do you listen to the signs in your own life? They are there all the time. Sometimes hard to read, sometimes right in our faces, but nevertheless signs of what is coming or how to cope with it when it does arrive our present in our daily lives in some form or other.
You think that you are having a premonition, a flash of something to come. You may have deja-vu, a flash back, but no matter what it is, it is a sign, a map of where to go and in how to get there.

You may call it instinct, or intuition, tapping in to your sixth sense.
We hear things but do not listen. We see things but do not believe our own eyes. We touch things with our own hands but do not believe what we are feeling. We sense something but again we do not trust what our instincts may be telling us.

Have you every met a complete stranger who has imparted meaningful and even profound knowledge to you that you still think of today? Just a chance meeting. Perhaps you only spoke for a while, but it left a memory and a key of understanding that will always be there to guide you. This is not a coincidence, there is no such thing. It is the universe trying to tell you something. But now you are busier, more easily distracted, will you be listening if it happened today?

I find that most people do not even listen to the person next to them never mind their innerselves. Where do they go? What is distracting them? Are we so overloaded in life that we cannot focus on the moment? Perhaps we are being overstimulated so therefore our minds cannot focus on what is at hand. It sometimes seems that you are channel hopping unable to tune in.

In the olden days (in my youth) one paid attention to things in front of us because that is what was there. There was less television, no personal computers, less white noise. No one carried a phone around with them and video games were just sci-fi. We had to actually use our imagination and think about what was the meaning of it all. Today it seems that your thinking is done for you. So no wonder no one listens to their innerselves or the universe around them. No one can hear it.

You have heard the term, ‘stop and smell the roses’ and ‘you hear what you listen to’ well how do you expect to do any of that if you are always swamped by noise? Most people cruise through life completely unaware of the way they feel or acknowledge the emptiness inside of them. Nevertheless they wonder with all the stuff around them and the conveniences of modern technology why they are unhappy.

Stop, think, slow down, tune in, take note of the way you feel.

Stop, think, slow down, tune in, take note of the way you feel. Now listen with your intuition, your inner ear, what is it trying to say? Perhaps it is saying you are unhappy because you cannot feel anything anymore? Or that you are uptight because you do not understand life? Alternatively, maybe you just cannot feel anymore because you do not know how to.

All the signs your life needs to flourish are out there waiting for you to see them. Listen and the questions will be answered. There is nothing more irritating than talking to someone who is looking at you but not listening. Clear your mind, tune all other things from your mind and tune in to what is being said to you.

My word what a concept, just tuning in to one thing at a time. My how your knowledge of things grows and your understanding. There is something inside of you telling you what to do. Amazing. Listening to your innerself and to your outer environment is great because it clarifies many things that you have been confused about.

You do not have to do everything today, one thing at a time, it makes for a job done much better and for more appreciation of the doing.

When you rush things you cannot do the job well. When you short change yourself, you cheapen the value you put on yourself and others in your life. Think of yourself as a retirement plan, a well planned and good investment makes for a harmonious retirement.

Invest in yourself with time, energy and values. There is not quick fix, no short cuts, time is all you have, so us it wisely and learn to trust your instincts by listening to the world around you. The universe is shouting at you to listen and learn, so there is no time like the present to begin. Stop what you are doing, relax, tune out the noise to tune in and trust what comes to you. It takes time to do this with ease but with practice, it becomes second nature and a must. Some people take up Yoga; others can do it by listening to classical music. Others like to run, ski, whatever. Find a way to slow down. Stretch your arms out side to side so that you can feel the very end of your fingertips. Dance the blues away with sultry tangos or energy releasing salsa. No matter what you do, you must feel alive doing it. When you feel that life energy running through your veins, that is when you start to feel your life has meaning. REMEMBER THERE IS NO QUICK FIX. You get out of life what you put into it. You must enjoy all its flavours one at a time to appreciate it.

So are you going to slow down and tune into yourself? And are you going to make an effort to listen to what others have to say? Most importantly, are you going to try to listen out and watch for the signs they are there to guide you. It is all up to you, try it and see, you never know it just might work. Remember a person who values themselves will also values others around them.
Harmony to us all.

© Sara T. 2003
Sara runs workshops in Vancouver on colours and harmonious relationships. Check her website for when the next classes are.

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