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A Parents Message
for this festive season from Sara Towe

I started out as a child. An infant, ignorant of the world and all that it holds. My environment and the desires of my family influenced me. Many things were wished for me but not much expected. I learnt to dream of becoming someone could not be and of things that I could not become.

My desires did not match my abilities and my self-esteem was too low to believe in myself. This is not a "wow is me story" but one lived all to often by so many of us. The dysfunctional teach their young, in a dysfunctional world.

T.V shows us the ideal families, which we are meant to uphold.
In whose world I ask? And by whose evaluation?
All too often so many of us think this is the standard, that there is a foundation to everything in life.
What is the norm and how do you apply it?
Who is the norm and how do we judge that?
If a child is loved, fed, housed and cared for with time well spent on them in nurturing environment; is that not a whole family experience?

We are all flawed, no one escapes that, and this does not mean that we are all bad. Life is about learning; it is not by living someone’s unrealistic expections, but by living by ones conscience.
With each generation we hope and pray that our young would have learned better lessons than us. We also hope that they understand that by being in the classroom of life, we all learn in a different way and by different means. It is easy to judge our parents for what you perceive as doing wrong, but try to thank them for trying their best in their limited understanding of the world and its ever-evolving ways.

Children be patient with us as we have been with you. Remember we know how hard it is growing up, we did it too. We know how hard it is to adjust constantly to life’s new rules. That is why I say to you, live by your conscience and do unto to others, as you would like them to do to you. Always think positively even when the odds are down, and remember if you will it, the sun will always come up tomorrow.

This Christmas go out of your way to let your parents know that you appreciate what they have done and have tried to do for you. After all odds will be that one day you too will be a parent and all you will wish for, is your own children’s happiness, safety, health. Hopefully they will appreciated what you did for them.
I wish you Joy, Laughter, Love and Peace to one and all over the world this Festive Joyous Season.
Remember saying 'thank you' can work miracles.
Merry Christmas & have a Marvelous New Year.

December 2002

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