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- MAY 2002 - Real Writers - Real People - The Writer's Magazine

'That’s what I’ve been trying to do; to let the smoke of that awareness billow forth, not the fear'...,
James Campion interviews Ani DiFranco

How Do We Counter Terrorism?
Michael Levy
How do we deal with the present conflict of suicide bombers
and countries that support them?
Readers' Feedback - May
'You are what is wrong with the First Amendment'


Amy Chan on Mint Tea, Dead
Sheep and Mick Jagger

A Japanese Diary
Mandy Mand - a Geisha for a day

Frankly My dear I don't give

Laal Gadger on teaching in India

Eco-Adventures in Mexico
Gemma Quinn on eco-tourism and responsible travel.

City Break- Edinburgh
Heather Hinchley 'If you're Scots say 'aye' if you're English say 'I'm sorry'.

Shinjuku: The Empress Dowager
Brian Wood in Tokyo:
Good shopping and best gay bars

Cruising in the Med
James Skinner on Greek rust
buckets and lifeboats.

Part Two & Three:
Here I was, seated at ‘The Spanish League of Nations’ all of us in need of our own interpreters!

Winter in Arkansas
Karel Sloan
I am an onlooker standing on a primordial mezzanine

Landscapes Great and Small
Karel Sloan on dead things. I
have no answers, I just ask questions

Great White Shark Diving
Patric Douglas on Shark Diving Vacations off California Coast

Erika and Jethro in China
The girls all tell each other where the latest bargains are to be found and then they line up their chauffeurs and head their cars to the kill.

Graeme Garvey
sings its praise.
...dyed-blonde, sallowy senoritas


Jedi Knight-Class

Rev A. Hernandez unravels the mythology of Star Wars

Talkin' Revolutionary Blues

James Campion in discussion with Ani DiFranco
'Democracy is about, "If you don’t like your government, change it. If you can’t change it have a f***** revolution."
Part 2 Ani DiFranco
'Where men’s experience is universal a women’s experience is...threatening'.

Misspent Youth

Mike Worden
on elections

'Perhaps if Britain had someone
to vote against then people would turn up at the polls'

Parenting in A Predatory Envirnonment
James Campion's 5 Point Guide
to good parenting

Striking a Balance

Edd Fawcett on Smacking Kids

End Game?
Welshy says stop hooligans from ruining football

Tryants R Us

Malcolm Hessier on the
tyrants among us.

Gym Rats
Roger Kirkham on the nazi cult
of physical perfection

Urban Regeneration - the
myth of democracy

Colin Todhunter on our
insecure working world

Me First
George Olden on our selfish society

Teen Flicks Rule Sticks
George Olden on cult of teen movies

Children in Need

Esther Loydall asks why so many are in local care

Palestine V Israel
Barry Mitchell asks who really listens to the UN?

Six Steps to Quit Smoking

Catherine Pengelly says: If you have 25 friends who smoke, 12 of them will die

The Truth about 9/11
Davol White doesn't believe everything he reads on the internet but...

Is there a future for chequebook journalism? Claire Hill
A US ethicist warns that treating news as a commodity will eventually destroy journalism as a public benefit


Loretta's List
Loretta Stradley
'I know you aren't going to beleive this but I am being followed...'

Affluence and Effluence
Neil Wills
Trapped liked a rabbit I hestitate. Which way to run? It's pointless but I try.
From First Chapters

God's Gift

Johnathan Garner
I would talk to the plants and they would talk to me. It was simple back then...

That Day

James Carrey
'In the hurricane of life sometimes you come across the very center of the eye where everything is as calm as a summer day.'

Dream of Dignity
Esther Loydall
Death at the Crossover

The new Murakami Collection of Short Stories
After the Quake

Too much,Too Many,Too Violent
Andrew Morton


Jedi Wannabes
Reverend Antonio Hernández
"The end for you, this is."

The Semiotics of Ordering Wine

Matthew Fallaize: a useful guide to choosing the right wine

A View from the diving board
Sara Towe on the
'Art of Positive Living'
You are evolving, and the need to communicate with yourself is imperative.

Ibiza - Party Island
David Wensley
amazing weather, amazing girls, amazing amounts of alcohol, amazing nightlife. Amazing everything.

Traditional English Food
Ian Bowie
This Update May 24th 2002
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