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Not Everyone Is Being Fooled Here

Who is telling the truth about September 11th?
Whose truth is it anyway?

Davol White doesn't believe everything he reads on the internet but...

A couple days ago I received a new Activist Kit with Email addresses to all kinds of important people, newspapers, embassies, congressmen, Senators and Governors and no doubt many receiving this as an Email also have Emails filling up with Find Truth Activist Kits. The first time I received one I did the Email activist thing and sent it all around the world. I have very strong opinions about the events surrounding September 11th 2001. I received good and bad responses back, to include a worm virus from someone named Akmed in Indonesia who put my Norton Anti-Virus to the test.

I'm obsessed with the recent events of our nation's history and I've dug up a stack of downloaded information about what is going on. I stay pretty hot on current events these days, I am only just now finding out, thanks to the Find Truth Email I received, that last week on April 19, 2002, 75,000 anti-war protesters marched on Washington DC. If the TV news mentioned it I must have blinked, but truth has become hard to find lately.

Not all of us are buying into this "Everlasting War On Terrorism", any more than the already declared Civil War On Drugs. This administration's arrogant, oil Industry dominated, isolationist, treaty trashing, war mongering foreign policy is turning America into the ultimate rogue nation. The unchallenged PATRIOT Act threatens to send state sponsored terrorism into all our homes and surveillance haunted lives. I’m overwhelmed at the historic irony playing before my eyes as I watch a nation of holocaust survivors treat another people as less than human. I’m not fooled by all the rhetoric. I don’t know why the idea of a UN Peacekeeping force in Israel and Palestinian regions is not being suggested. The UN technically started that mess over 50 years ago. There has been an agenda afoot the whole time and I’ve been around long enough to know that secret agendas are what our votes get when they swing Republican.

When the World Trade Centers are hit for all of us to watch, many people are immediately drawn to the obvious association with Pearl Harbor; although some better read folks saw associations with the burning of the Reichstag Building in Nazi Germany. The Pearl Harbor association was only conveniently reinforced by the fact that Pearl Harbor was also a major motion picture in theaters that summer. On September 11th we were all suspicious of the fact that these highjacked planes were not intercepted, even though the 'facts' demonstrate that the planes were highjacked and this was known for nearly an hour before the attacks. National Guard Air Defense Facilities were ignored, although it was standard procedure and would have successfully intercepted the planes before the big show. Was there a cover up of the existence of National Guard Fighter Intercepts at Andrews Air Force Base less than 10 miles from the Capital? Hindsight is everything. Would we really have shot them out of the air and killed all those passengers?

My casual searches of the Internet have put the CNN Pravda-like propaganda machine to shame. In my diggings it becomes clear that Osoma Bin Laden was and is, (if only inadvertently), a product of the CIA and its most expensive covert operation in Afghanistan involving Islamic extremists. Evidence exists that the CIA met with Bin Laden last July during Kidney surgery at a hospital in France. It also can’t be denied, (only ignored), that Osoma Bin Laden is at least an acquaintance of the Bush Family, not to mention the many connections between the Bush Administrations, the Carlyle Group, the Bin Laden Construction Company and this convenient war profiteering war. We are living in a time here in America where nearly a thousand ethnic people remain arrested and uncharged. While loosely connected 'wrong skinned' immigrants are being arrested and jailed, members of the Bin Laden family, two of which were under FBI investigation, are allowed to charter a flight back to Saudi Arabia with warm regards.

When the FBI investigated conspicuously purchased put options, which made several million unclaimed dollars from the Sept. 11th misfortune, it leads them to an investment firm recently ran by the third highest director of the CIA. At the same time Anthrax is found in small traces at the CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia after being mailed to Democrats and news anchors who used to be labeled "liberal". I swear it wasn’t more than a week after September 11th when the first thing President Vice President Dick Cheney does is to have restrictions on the CIA lifted that were put there to keep this renegade coup plotting agency under control. Then they dump more money into the CIA after they just finished spending 9 billion of our tax dollars to create the 9/11 "blowback" in the first place. It has also come to light that this Bush Administration, back in July ordered the FBI to "back off" their investigation in Yemen of the Al Qaeda attack on the USS Cole. Deputy FBI Director O’ Neil resigns in protest only to die on the first day of his new security job in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

As these apocalyptic events unfold they call me out of the apathetic majority I used to so proudly belong to. I want an investigation of thie Bush Administration, the FAA, the Pentagon, CIA and any other relevant agencies. My Activist Kit tells me that Democratic Representative Cynthia McKinney is speaking up for this investigation. The freedoms and way of life we’ve held dear for so long have never been in greater danger, and not from any terrorists half a world away either. Now evidence is surfacing which shows major voter fraud in Florida making that unforgettable election fiasco look even more like a coup d 'etat. Now evidence allegedly exists that the ISI Director General Mahmoud Ahmad of Pakistan, who was meeting with the Bush Administration the week of September 11th was also involved in the transfer of $100,000,00 to the head highjacker Mohammad Atta. (Where is this evidence? Ed)

Now allegedly evidence is surfacing that connections exist between this Administration and the failed Military coup in Venezuela. Wose, evidence exists connecting this Administration to Enron and an oil pipeline project for Afghanistan, which went sour in the summer. Enron needed the pipeline to promote a deregulation policy in India similar to the Enron deregulation policies that dragged the country of Argentina down to anarchy. We average voters remember this Administration’s loyalty to Enron during a similar catastrophe for California utility users. A connection between Enron and this "War On Terrorism" probably exists in those energy policy-meeting records that Vice President President Dick Cheney will have to be sued for.

Now evidence most likely exists that this Administration was threatening the Taliban with war back in August and warning other countries of an October invasion back in July. It is being said that holes in the official story are big enough to fly a plane through. (They did as I recall - Ed)
It is a classic diversion that we are being forced to look for the culprits of this enormous crime against humanity on the other side of the world. We average voters know that intimidation caused by Anthrax attacks and the domination of the Military Industrial Complex is a very scary thing. Representative Cynthia McKinney has made a very courageous stand in demanding an investigation. I think that kind of courage puts the rest of Congress to shame. The weight of complicity, just in the fact that the President does nothing, (not even appear to care), for over 30 minutes after his Secret Service established constant contact with the FAA and we were in a National Emergency, deserves a Congressional Investigation to explain.

The evidence is there and guns are smoking. Representative Cynthia McKinney’s call for an investigation deserves at least some solidarity with fellow Democrats. We average voters remember it took a lot less to get similar solidarity from Republicans demanding investigations of our last President. I don’t want a military coup in my country. That’s just too much like our new favorite friend, Pakistan.

My name is Davol White and I can be reached at

Further Reading and sources -
Warning: Remember Not Everything You read on the Internet is even half way true.

*Remember there are mid-term elections this November in the USA. If you have a vote register and use it.

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