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The International Writers Magazine: Lifestyles

Six Steps to Quit Smoking
If you have 25 friends who smoke, 12 of them will die from one of the following:
lung cancer, another form of cancer or a smoking-related illness.

Lungs If you have tried to quit smoking, you know how hard it can be because nicotine is a very addictive drug. Quitting is hard. Usually, it takes 2 or 3 tries, even more, before you are able to quit. Each time you try to stop, you learn about why it is so difficult. Giving up the habit takes hard work and a lot of effort, but you can do it. Right now, one in six smokers is trying to give up. Here’s some inspiration to make sure your bad habit goes up in smoke, this time for good…

Prepare Yourself
First, think about why you want to stop. Secondly analyse what triggers you to smoke, is it boredom? Happiness? Alcohol? Parties? For many women, its feeling excited that does it. Californian research found that women are more likely to light up when they’re happy than when they’re stressed. Think up ways to handle life’s challenges without cigarettes.
Make A Date
In the run-up to quitting, fix a date to stop, and then do it. Cutting down may not be the best strategy as research by Charity Quit has found that it doesn’t work for most people.
Expect To Feel Awful
You could feel worse, rather than better, in the first few days after stopping. That’s because your body is getting rid of carbon monoxide and your lungs are clearing out smoking debris. But after three days, your breathing will become easier and your energy levels will rise.
Cash In
Each packet of cigarettes is around £10 of your money (UK), or a whole bunch of jeans, mini-breaks and new trainers.
Enjoy The Morning After
Not smoking when drinking can be a difficult hurdle, but bear in mind that smoking makes hangovers worse. Smoking deprives the brain of oxygen, which intensifies alcohol’s toxic effect. When you make it through a night out without smoking, make a note to enjoy a clearer head in the morning.
Time Your Departure
Pack it in after your period, not before. One study found that women who stopped smoking premenstrually tended to be more depressed and have more withdrawal symptoms.
Reasons To Quit
It Kills. If you have 25 friends who smoke, 12 of them will die from one of the following: lung cancer, another form of cancer or a smoking-related illness.

It’s Worse For Women, as it can affect your fertility and your periods and bring on an early menopause. Also, women who smoke are 40 percent more likely to suffer lung cancer.
It's Bad Any Way You Do It – actively, passively, or just once in a while. In fact, infrequent smokers have less immunity to the poison, exaggerating the health impact of a cigarette on the lungs.
It’s Not Pretty – Smoking reduces the blood flow to the skin and breaks down collagen, which can result in increased wrinkling and ageing. It also stains teeth, dulls skin, and increases facial hair.
*Take Angie's advice here:

For practical advice try Quit (Quitline 0800 00 22 00, or or for a free 90-day email advice programme on stopping smoking. The Action on Smoking and Health website also contains supportive information. or

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