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A View from the diving board.
Sara Towe on the 'Art of Positive Living'
You are evolving, and the need to communicate with yourself is imperative.

Well here I am, standing high up above the ground ready to jump. I can feel the cool air in my hair, and the whisper of the wind in my face, all is well and I am ready. There is only one small problem; there is no water in the pool.

I have spent the last 18 months getting ready for this moment were I can at last help people professionally. My lifetimes knowledge and the extended education that I have taken has all finally come together and I feel confident that I am ready. Now begins the daunting task of convincing others that you know what you are talking about and persuading them that they need your services.

I know that people can be conventional in their way of thinking rather than being able to open-up to another world of knowledge about themselves. This is okay for some, they are content to be in their space, but there are so many people who are caught in a twilight zone, that they do not know who they are anymore, never mind of where they are going.

I know the feeling, I felt it for long enough. It is all too easy to find yourself trapped in tradition, ignoring the ambitions of your own needs, living for everyone else, not knowing that the empty feeling inside was gnawing at your soul until you couldn't take it anymore.

Do you know why people eat, drink or do anything to excess? It is because they are living a lie. They have no true knowledge of who they really are or of the things that make them truly happy, so they turn to other things like food, drink, and happy pills to fill the gap that is slowly growing in their souls

Do you feel like you lack energy most of the time even when you have had enough sleep?
Do you feel almost hysterical with glee or rage sometime for no real reason?
Does life not have the same meaning anymore like it did when you were younger?
The things that used to make you happy just make you feel empty?
The person you used to love now just annoys you, even though they are just the same as before.

You are evolving, and the need to communicate with yourself is imperative. People around you are just not speaking the same language anymore and you feel that no one hears you and what it is that you are trying to say. It is because no one can hear you. Your energy is low, your mouth is not saying what you really want to say, and your body language is totally lost.
Don’t worry be happy, we have all been there at some point in our lives, it is how to get out of it that really counts.

No 1.
Seek help from someone like me, who can help you identify yourself and truly know who you are and help you find what it is that you really want to do for the rest of your life.
No 2.
Tune in to your Chakra’s and let your energy run through your body free and easy.
Look inwards - not out for answers, it is all inside you. You may choose to exercise, or ski, run, walk, dance swim, bike, sing, you chose, but choose something. Whatever you do, move your body to free your mind. When the body is energized and free, the mind unravels and your thoughts start to become more coherent.

You want to know more then email me, take a look at my website 'The Art of Positive Living'

So, as I stand on this virtual diving board, I wait for the waters below to fill up so that I may jump in and start to really help people free their minds and release their bodies. It is a nice feeling to help someone. I am still materially trapped, but my mind is free and soon my body will follow.
Well, I see some water gathering in the pool; I wonder if it is deep enough to dive into?
Ready or not here I go.

© SARA TOWE. May 2002


‘The Art of Positive living.’

Sara Towe

She is bonding nicely with her human sisters and brother,
BUT and I mean a big BUT,
the cat hates her.

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