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- Musing on a rainy afternoon
October 2002 - The International Writer's Magazine

"Your children are not safe anywhere, at any time..."
James Campion on the Maryland Sniper

Van Dusen Gardens
Jenny Brown takes a walk in Vancouver's 'secret garden'

The Resilient Royal City
Stewart Clayton
‘New West,’ has suffered many snubs and disasters

The Girls Of Japan
Mandy Mand

'Louis Vuitton purses at the ready girls - it's handbags at dawn'!
Off the Street & On the Wall Martin Budny shines at DV8
Stewart Clayton

Do I Look Like a Serf?
Colin James Haslett

It’s Section 9 in
the N.Y. Sunday Times

Sam North

Gotta Have It
Jenny Brown
20-30 Best years of your life?

On Being a Screenwriter
Allen Gibson

The Point of No Return:
Love and Death in India
Colin Todhunter
Four Wheels Good
Two Wheels Crazy
On the back of an Enfield
in India
Colin Todhunter

The Swiss Get a Reality Check
John and Silvia Andrews

Horsemen & Pink Pelicans
James Skinner
‘Tomorrow is Colossus day. Prepare thyself for Rhodes’
Mid-Term Madness
James Campion
The House will stay Republican
Senator Quitter or the Ballad of a Gutless Swine
James Campion
(with Reader's Responses)

Blistering Barnacles!
Alex Grant on
Freedom of Speech

Time to cash a reality cheque
Alex Grant reviews Heaven and the State of Film Criticism
Michael Wright will soon be
‘The Happiest Fag in the World’
Jenny Brown
Yes-Girl Learns to say No.
Heather Neale

Starving my body completely

An Extra Day
Sara Towe
“Is business class O.K for you?”

A Walk down Main Street
Sam North strolls with his camera
Letter from Ethiopia
Andrew Rogers
Ferenj do not travel on buses, they go by Landcruiser

Old Man Pole
'You need a room?'
Christian Trokey in Poland
More Travel Stories
Internet India
Colin Todhunter

Growth of Net access in India
Modern Parenting
Colin James Haslett
Sound like a lot of work? It is.

Rev. Antonio Hernández
Things To Do At Starbucks
Tom Donoghue
Have latte, or be latte!

Havana Great Time in Cuba
Al Dieste

A comprehensive guide to a vacation in Cuba

Pessimism and Violence
The Role of Art
Sergej Jokovlev
How To Boost Your Affiliate Sales With Free Articles
Michael Southon
PDF or Exe Format?
Michael Southon

The Why's in the Road.
Michael Levy
Life Choices can be tough
The Honarary Consul
James Skinner

How to be an Honarary Consul in Ten Easy Lessons
Touring Melbourne Museum
Brian R Wood
'face to face with hundreds of Aboriginal faces and voices '
Patrick O'Brian's sea stories
to be filmed - Alex Grant
Mill Reef
Harsh Thakore
The Drought
Veronica L. Harryman

Uncle Sammy
Robin Slick
The Candyman
King- About a dog
Christine Wieser
D.M. Henricks
Bending Spoons
D.M. Hendriks

The Redemption Center
Judy Radano
on her mother's habit
Boy with a Fishing Pole
C. J. Spataro
It’s the boy from the dock
The Graphic Designer
Harry Dade
She smoked ...incessantly,

One Day
Robin Black
In another life, he might be mine
Canon in D
James Burnett
There’s no escape.
15 Best Movies of All Time
Alex Grant
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Alex Grant
Beyond Illusions
by Duong Thu H

Charlie Dickenson

Between Strangers
A captivating little movie
Igby Goes Down
Burr Steers witty black comedy
Ararat - Atom Egoyan
Marcel D'Agneau

Thomson's Dictionary of Film
Alex Grant
Edingburgh Literary Festival
Barry Dunstall

The Four Feathers
Slo-mo suffering amid the dunes
The Banger Sisters
Review Stewart Clayton
New Crime-Wave women
The murder mystery queens
Disappointing Norwegian chiller
Red Dragon
Miscast desperate movie
Cronenberg's latest
Chinese Odyssey
Jeffrey Lau's hilarious spoof
O. Assayas ugly movie
Astonishingly poor movie
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