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- JUNE 2002 - Real Writers - Real People - The Writer's Magazine

Face it; the bully holds a special purpose in the grand scheme of "growing up"
James Campion 'In Defence of Bullying'

Me, God and Jerry Seinfeld
Colin Todhunter in India

'I got the impression that he thought he was a living God. He was lost in space.'

Beware the Whinchat
...the sight of a large hairy dog flying a kite would offend their sensibilities
PhilipJ Mather
In Defense of Bullying in America
James Campion

Face it; the bully holds a special purpose in the grand scheme of "growing up".

Minority Report
‘It was a great idea when Dick wrote it 40 years ago and Spielberg has been pretty faithful to the concept’.

Review: Sam North
Mind and Body
try these 10 hassle free ways to inner calm…

Catherine Pengelly

Readers Responses
'Campion, That is some of the funniest stuff I have ever read. I have sent copies to my parents to torture them'.
Jake L. James,
A Walk along False Creek
Sam North
Nice neighbourhoods are consumed quite rapidly. But it's no use getting nostalgic for a place that never really existed.

Chile: A week in the desert
Brian O'Sullivan
Six hours after we left Santiago,
El Nino arrived.

Peter The Roman
Reverend Antonio Hernández
Aron Jean-Marie Lustiger, is this front-runner the next pope?

On Religion - to thine own church to be true?
Sara Towe
Who cares who your god is, as long as you have faith in something
Aging Angry Young Man
Colin James Haslett
'Mostly I’ve been the kind of person who walks around wanting to punch shiny, happy people right in the pie hole
The Nogawa Redemption:
Brian R Wood in Tokyo
This is the Nogawa. One of those hidden treasures you do not find until you really look for it

All Aboard the Tamil Nadu Express: Next stop - Insanity!
Colin Todhunter in India
He had met a woman in the hotel, and was totally mad about her

Go for the Stars

Many Mand in Japan - Part 3
The Japanese folk looked on in horror - tragic thing was that these weren't actually hooligans but English teachers from Australia

The Blame Game
James Campion
They all knew. Who are they kidding? The FBI knew, the CIA, the Pentagon, and those dark sorts on the payroll who are paid good money to funnel information on the "undesirables" and "suspicious".

Dead as a Dodo
James Skinner

Even as I stare at this laptop screen with that idiotic jumping paper clip icon constantly staring at me I can’t help but think: ‘Have I passed it?’

Attack of the Giggles

Rev Antonio Hernández
...'we are treated to a cartoon Yoda, hopping about like an angel-dusted Kermit.'

Democracy - still a dream for Mexico’s political prisoners
Alice Hutchinson on the imprisoned Zapotecs of Loxicha

A Life & Death Situation
Michael Levy
Spreading grief is selfish

Traditional English Food
Ian Bowie

Luck versus Irony
Tabytha Towe
I am the kind of person who would lose my life savings on a stupid bet or I would find the best outfit in the world but in the wrong color.

Simply Love
Sara Towe on puppy love
'This can be embarrassing sometimes, but dog owners understand'.

An Alternate Reality
Robin Slick
There are times I wonder if he’s even real. If he could possibly be the man
I believe him to be.

Vietnam War Story
Robert Flynn

'I just stood there in a stupor unable to move or think a coherent thought for what seemed like a long time. '

The Rabbit God
Jeremy Young
Paul had developed a keen understanding of the female mind.
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