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Simply Love
Sara Towe on puppy love
'This can be embarrassing sometimes, but dog owners understand'.

As Kylie said ...'It's in your eyes'....

It is so simple, puppy love, love the one that feeds you and takes you for walks. If we all could be that way how uncomplicated life would be. My puppy KOKOMO loves me without conviction, without doubt, without judgment. I in turn love the love that she gives me and return it with adoration, praise walks and good food. It is a good partnership, and I understand why so many humans go for it. To be loved so unconditionally, to have that fur ball greet you as if you were gone for a year every time you open the door. It is warming and gives a great feeling of security knowing that some being loves you so much and will always be there for you no matter what.

I am finding there is a purpose to get up every day and get going that has nothing to do with my children. I drop my daughter at school and go for a walk, we then go for a coffee and the local coffee bar ‘Gallaghers’ and socialize for a while. Later we go for another walk; WOW this is so healthy for me and a lot of fun too. We meet people every day who stop and chat about the dog, and you meet so many interesting people that you would not have otherwise have met.
My brother is coming from England this week, and he is a walker. This will be great for KOKOMO but his idea of a little walk is about 5 miles, I need more training. He will I know fall in love with her, as we both grew up with border collies, and loves the breed. It will be fun teaching her new tricks together, and having someone else to accompanying me on these walks, if I can keep up with them both.

KOKOMO is only 4 months old, and is all high energy; she likes 2-3 walks a day and or lots of play time. However playtime does not have to be long nor the walks. A short walk with lots of action around can be just as stimulating as a long no action walk.

Border collies like people/dog watching, just as much as I do. They also like to be admired by others and love the attention they get. Kokomo first holds back waiting for my approval, then she slowly comes forward and greats in a submissive way, which is to roll over for a tummy rub. When she is really excited to see her favorite people she pees with delight and then rolls over. This can be embarrassing sometimes, but dog owners understand.

Dogs are truly mans best friend. The loyalty the love, the adoration, the commitment to you is astounding and truly wonderful. It is so hard to get mad at them even when they have eaten your lunch (you left in reach) and chewed your favorite shoes (you left the around.) Even when they pee/poo on you carpet, (you did not listen when she asked to go out) they are so innocent that it is hard to get made at them.

© Sara Towe June 2002

‘The Art of Positive living.’

Sara Towe

She is bonding nicely with her human sisters and brother,
BUT and I mean a big BUT,
the cat hates her.

A View from the diving board.
Sara Towe on the 'Art of Positive Living'
You are evolving, and the need to communicate with yourself is imperative.


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