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Blackout Back in the USA|
J T Brown

'Was this a test run? –
the prelude to a one-two punch to come?'

Déjà Vu? Over Here, Yes
A thought from afar about the lastest crisis in the U.S:
As I woke up this morning to the news that most of eastern North America was down and out due to the massive power failure, along with everybody else under the sun, my first thought was ‘terrorism?’ In time, the cause or causes should come to light, perhaps rendering these next observations meaningless. But last week, the U.S. government announced significantly that a ‘major’ Al Queda attack in the next month or so now seems to be inevitable. This time, most people within the U.S. were made aware of this forecast and it received much media coverage. But what is lesser known(thought not completely unreported) is that the U.S. State Department DID extensively warn American citizens living abroad about September 11th, 2001, just a mere two days earlier to that fateful day. The belief, of course, was that some kind of attack was coming against American targets situated abroad, as theretofore most Al Queda attacks had been. Here in Japan, the American Embassy sent out a warning to all military installations and to American firms with operations in Japan. Every employee in my wife’s company received a warning by email to be extra careful in coming days. The United States Armed Forces Radio, broadcasting out of Yokota Air Force Base in far western Tokyo, ran similar warnings, as did the English language version of The Asahi Newspaper.

Now, just two days ago, I heard on Armed Forces Radio another such warning. This was coupled with the announcement last week within the U.S. of an impending terror attack. And now scenes shown on televisions around the world of blackened-out cities from across southern Canada and all the way down through the mid-Atlantic United States.

If this was not terror-related (caused in fact by lightning in Toronto) , that will be all well and good. But think of the timing of it all? The television images of millions of New Yorkers driven to massing in the jam-packed rush-hour traffic is an ominous one. To twisted minds, they must have looked like sitting ducks waiting to be massacred. Was this a planned attack? Was this a test run? –the prelude to a one-two punch to come? I do hope these thoughts of mine look silly in posterity.

© JT Brown 12 noon, 8/15/03(Tokyo time)


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