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Robert Wolf on a rant
President Bush reminds one of the “wizard of oz” doing it all with smoke and mirrors.

When do we get tired of the bullshit?
When are our families, cities and countries worth fighting for?
I am prepared to take back the reins on my life from God. I am prepared for the President of the United States to stop treating us like the fool he so sadly is. Patriotic references to bad things don’t make them less bad, they just buy you time. Eventually though, we expect results or at least an attempt by you to meet the promises you made to get elected.

Show me the love, show me that bipartisan approach that worked so well in Texas. Brag some more about that school system that ran so efficiently when minority students were eliminated from the equation. Trust us, tell us the truth and let us help to govern. Politics has become a game, and one in which the citizens don’t get to play, let alone watch. The news is staged as the mother of all reality shows. We need to know what’s happening and we need facts uncensored by the networks and the government. I’m not so impressed with Ashcroft that I trust his judgment as to what’s good for me anymore than I’d want a church or synagogue deciding what books to read or what art is proper.

Religion has no place in the White House. When you’re the President, you are governing all people and not just the ones just like you. President Bush reminds one of the “wizard of oz”, doing it all with smoke and mirrors. It’s said there’s nothing like honesty and in Bush’s case there is nothing like honesty in the entire White House. His bloopers could fill The Comedy Channel for days. He’s reading someone else’s words and they will never sound sincere because they’re not. He’s a bit player in a part way over his head, a small time daddy’s boy who you wouldn’t want to date your sister, a trained animal whose appearances have been better choreographed than either Fred Astaire or Ginger Rodgers.

The man and his associates continuously provide their corporate friends with “get out of jail free”cards affording contributors access and favors. Bush seems never to have met a conservative religious leader he didn’t like, no matter how hateful or crooked. Compassionate conservatism disappeared from this administration almost as fast as the Kyoto Agreement. How much proof does the White House and their band of merry energy whores need to acknowledge we’ve got a warming problem? How much of the north pole has to flow south as melting ice to prove maybe we don’t need further study, just action. You damn hypocrite, you’d risk the welfare of the world not to piss off yours and Cheyney’s energy friends. Until you run this country for all Americans and not the lucky few, you’ll only be their president not ours.

If God was still around and wanted to stop the worldwide slaughter perpetuated in his name, he’d stop it. He or she is AWOL and no one is really busy looking for them. We recite the same prayers as we have since childhood over and over again but nothing happens. Do we somehow feel empowered by chanting prayers we don’t necessarily believe in, to someone we’re not sure exists? Not if we have a brain and we use it.

Which religion doesn’t matter. Any religion that teaches other than love, that preaches hate and arrogance needs to be recognized for what it is; dangerous. The churches need to hold religious leaders accountable for what they preach and practice. Have balls enough to cull the bad ones before they do the type of harm that lasts a lifetime.

If heaven is the reward we get for passing some cosmic life test, I’ll opt for door number two. I’ll take my chances that the threat of hell and damnation are as real as the rantings of the old men who wrote stories in books that we’re told are gospel.
God, maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and start this universe experiment again. You couldn’t do any worse.
(If he's listening -Ed)
© Robert Wolf Aug 22nd 2003

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