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2003 -The Writer's Magazine - May Edition
Editorial Dystopia the only way forward?

Islamabad, Nepal, Dubai, Iceland, Zimbabwe, Japan, Australia - Twelve good reasons to be cheerful. Build your own ray gun and decimate your enemies. Life after SAT -plus new fiction from all over, James Campion on 'The Victory,' James Skinner on terror. Nathan Rabe on Tajikistan.
The Mean Clean Streets
David Vee
Elephanteering in Nepal
Kristine Madera shows you how
A 1001 Delights in Dubai
Habeeb Salloum feasts
The Argan Tree of Life
Habeeb Salloum
Diary of Iceland
Graham Stull
Angel the Hippo
Emma Segus
Taking the Slow Train
J T Brown in Japan

The Great Wall of China
versus Sarah Juckniess
Climbing Tunganath
Samit Bhattacharya
in the Himalayas
The Number of his Name
Jo McMillan in China
Backpacker's Theory of Ugliness
Colin Todhunter in India
Outback Adventure
The Australian wilderness can be magnificent and ferocious
Jeff Lancaster
The Sad Foreigner
Ken Lori in Ecuador
Creeping Insanity on the trail
Ken Lori
France After Iraq
Erika Lorentzen in Paris
Chirac's folly?
Homeland Security Shuffle
James Campion

Dying Ships
End of an Era
Stewart Mandy in Florida
Dead-End Journey
A Very British Story
Colin Todhunter
Is Terrorism here to stay?
James Skinner
Twisted Man in the Iron Lung
Rev Antonio Hernandez
The Cost of Victory
James Campion on tax and war

Putting Iraq Back Together
James Skinner

Another Conspiracy Theory
Barry Mitchell on SARS
Bear Hunt Madness
James Campion on killing bears

'Out of Season'
The Ironworks Gallery
May 1st-31st Vancouver

A Writer's Dream
Maggie Tiojakin - the struggle

Damn the Man
Jayne Sharratt quits her job
Teen Career Choices
John Heidelmeier
For the love of Alice
Colin Todhunter in India
Death and life in Tajikistan
A Letter from Dushanbe
Nathan Rabe
Holly and Hendrix
Jeffrey Beyl

Build Your Own Ray Gun
Brian Runciman
building the personal hand-held integrated light actuated neon defence energy rifle

The Prophet of The Night
Warren Vanderpool
Rainy Nights in New York
Smitha Parigi

The Whole Truth
Amy Chan
Cold - A Squatter's Tale
Improper Strangers
Joseph Grant
Sam Hawksmoor

Looking For Spinoza
by Antonio Damasio

A Charlie Dickinson Review
December 6th
Martin Cruz Smith
Dean Ruetzler review
The Kalahari Typing School
For Men

Alexander McCall Smith
No.1 Ladies Detective Agency & Tears of a Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith Reviews by John Lewell
Writing Without Style
Joseph E Wright
The Blue Edge of Midnight
Johnathon King
The Lake House
James Patterson
The Protector
David Morrell
The Last Good Day
Peter Blauner

Just Sit there and do Nothing
Kira Pirofski
The Great Pretender
Warren Vanderpool's horror story

Here's wishing one of our writers Heather Neale the very best of luck.
WorldFest Houston Film festival - It's a wrap
Readers Respond to
James Campion

Visit 'The Bean Around The World Cafe' on Cornwall Ave, Vancouver

Carine Thomas 'Urban Wild'
A series of photographs and great coffee

James Mangold's horror flick
James Foley's trickster movie
The Matrix Reloaded
The Wachowski Brothers
Tabytha Towe will be back soon- she promises
Remembering Paul
Ma Donna Vela on loving a
long lost brother
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