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The Mean Clean Streets
Islamabad 18 March 2003
David Vee

BUSH TELLS SADDAM 48 HOURS OR IT’S WAR -- The local press blurts the news out into the clean streets of Islamabad. Unlike other major Pakistan cities the fabricated capital holds an unbelievably safe, uncluttered and chilled viewpoint for this western runaway. Walking the streets after 10 pm is more secure than most Sydney avenues; believe it!!

Why am I in Pakistan?
Will the clean turn mean once war starts?
Earlier today -- 5.45 am
I awoke and needed a piss. I stumble to the loo, flip the lid and as I urinate the azan pipes thru the haze. "God is most great. There is no God but Allah. Muhammad is God's prophet. Come to prayer, come to prayer, come to security. God is most great"
I pull the curtain to hear it clear, and to my surprise a gecko is clinging to the flyscreen. I say to it "What do you know?"
It gurgles out, "God is most great. Come to prayer."
I ponder and reply, "Why should I try when I'm just gonna die?"
Geck replies "O man! What has seduced you from your Lord?"
"Seduced me! Why yes it's true my love is flesh and blood Senorita, and I need not your cherished one."
Still dark outside Geck's eyes illuminate with resolve.
"Your god has rights over you. Your body has rights over you. Your soul has rights over you. Give to each his due rights."
"I thought your kind were all Buddhists. Bye for now Prince of the Serpent Tribe, I'm going back to bed."
I glance past Geck into the sky and see the silhouette of the double headed eagle glide on by. Hmmm, just as I thought it's Tuesday not Wednesday.
© Chowkidar Vee


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