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1995. Philadelphia. Classic thriller "12 Monkeys" directed by Terry Giiliam, I think we can agree Brad Pitt's greatest role. Final scene with "Hack" David Morse as the nutty scientist releasing the apocalyptic virus in cities across the globe. The password is SARS...

Or maybe it's more like the "Andromeda Strain", except this time it's a bunch of Asians faced with an experiment gone awry.
Something just doesn't sit right with this SARS epidemic. No idea how diseases such as smallpox, cholera, legionaires develop in the first place, but the way SARS hits certain locales, so quickly and viciously attacks the body, new corona virus out of nowhere sounds suspicious.
So many far reaching speculative theories. Could it be China had been doing secretive testing that mutated existing germs to cause this horrific outbreak?
How 'bout industrial espionage with our friends at Bayer or Pfizer behind the project. 'Marge, did you know Viagra cures SARS, too'? Always thought Bayer was the anthrax culprit, sold a ton of Cipro, FBI never got back to me with the reward money, unfortunately.

Maybe it's the new Bush economic plan. Since 65% of everything known to the United States is manufactured in China then...definitely create more jobs for Americans. Nah, that's even too diabolical for the Cheney gang to undertake.
After much investigative web research on CDC and WHO (WHAT's on second), found the first reported case was actually February 26th in Hanoi. Now spread worldwide throughout 26 countries, the CDC thinks they can nip it in the bud. It's a big bud friends.

When questioned regarding SARS mortality rates rising from initial levels of 4% to currently greater than 6% WHO officials stated that it's too early to comment on any significant trends. Probability and statistics 101. (It's 13.8%
In Toronto- Ed)
Scary part in my research was that up until April 11th there were approx. 3000 reported cases with 120 deaths. As of April 28th there have been 5050 cases resulting in 321 deaths.

Does that mean the death rate has escalated to 10% with a more deadly strain? Or people inflicted previously with the mysterious illness are dying rapidly and being calculated into the equation? Or is it the fact that medical treatment facilities vary from one region to the next, which can lead to higher mortality rates in Hong Kong versus Toronto? Or does it affect certain populations and races differently? Or...

Final grasping at straw theory, February 1st, 2003. Tragic Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. We can see all the debris strewn from California to Texas, and all the reports that it was due to losing tiles from the wing during lift-off. But I also recall a speculative report that a meteor hitting the shuttle upon re-entry may have caused the disaster. Interesting.

Not a rocket scientist and have no idea where the shuttle entered the atmosphere, but any chance this freak occurrence may have happened over a place like Vietnam, thus releasing some sort of weird, never before detected virus from outer space? And then somehow it affected the water supply on a small farm in say Hanoi for instance and started this deadly domino chain of events?

Sure Tommy Thompson is surveying everything under the sun from his new CDC Emergency Operations command center. Cameras, teleconferences, watchphones, hands across the global pulse. They'll come up with a vaccine or drug of choice soon. We have nothing to fear except....

© Barry Mitchell May 2003

Yes you can put Mitch straight on SARS - email him. but interesting about that Twelve Monkeys huh...Ed.

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