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The International Writer's Magazine- June 2004
Welcome -
Next Issue will be September 2004

Hackwriters 2004 - Fiction, Travel, Comment & Lifestyles Across The World

Becoming the Character
Antonio Graceffo - travel writing & Ernest Hemingway
Crisis in Nepal
Marie Louise Olson
The Jade Sea
Kathy Sharrad at Lake Turkana

From Sydney to Byron
Rich Cooper takes the bus
Surfer's Paradise
Rich Cooper in Australia

From Vic Falls to Joburg
Kathy Sharrad grabs a lift

Sailing in the Roaring Forties
Samuel Jefferson in NZ

Finding Ottawa
Clive Branson

Ek Balam -Yucatan
Habeeb Salloum in Mayan society

Cairns the opposite of culture Rich Cooper

Canberra- The Elusive City
Martin Davies

So you think you want a revolution in Saudi?
James Campion

The Children of the Garbage Fields Phnom Phen

Antonio Graceffo

Catholics - the Election &
Constitutional Crimes

Rev Antonio Hernandez
The Terror Threshold
James Skinner on torture

Forget flying to the USA
Fred Pattison on fear tactics at US Immigration

Techno Prisoner
Andrea Wren on why you need kids to operate anything

The Politics of Boredom
Phil Mershon

D- Day 60
James Campion - June 1944
Cruising to Alaska
with Sara Towe
Bum Fashion
Rachael d'Cruze out on a thong

Being Korean is cool
John Duerden
Khmer Martial Arts Movies Antonio Graceffo with E PhoThong in Cambodia
Buddah v Noah
Rev Antonio Hernandez
Adulthood - a primer
Tolu Ogunlesi

Driving to see Howard
Clive Branson in Columbus-Ohio

Living Life with Verve
Margaret Manning

Been Refused Communion?
Rev Antonio Hernandez

Tokyo Reject

I may have a tendency to exaggerate things. I may even lie to you.
All the same

Will Carpenter - identity crisis

Sooner or later I'll catch him alone and he won't see it coming.
Ruby Moon
The whore, the hitman and Hawaii-
Bill Moake knows the score...
I could see big, black scorpions crawling down the walls
The Snake House
Sidi Benzahra

Whisky had songs going through his head all the time
Whiskey Walking
M. Blake
What kind of medication are you on?
Erica J Thinesen

The Lost Books of the Bible
G David Schwartz on the process of creating the bible
Anti-politics and self-destructing rock created the most powerful social revolution
Sarah Jones at the Bleeker Street Theatre NY
James Campion revew

Our Serialised Novel

I thought I’d go to Paradise; I always wanted to find out if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.
The Great Beyond
An on-line novel in progress
Brodie Parker in the afterlife

Great Beyond - Chapter Four
The cold black darkness
Great Beyond - Chapter Five

The Sword above my head
The Lesser Evil by Michael Ignatieff
A Charlie Dickinson Review
A Year of Sundays: Taking the plunge (and our cat) to Explore Europe by Edward D Webster
The LA Music Scene
Marlene Montez on Banyan & killer tomatoes
The Cooler
Dir Wayne Kramer
Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban
Dark & Moody does it
The Day After Tomorrow
Dir Roland Emmerich
Y Tu Mama Tambien

Dan Schnieder DVD review
Lost in Translation
Dan Schnieder DVD review
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The Georgetown Factor
James Campion
on Bush
The Georgetown Factor 2
James Campion
US Election Battlegrounds
The Day After Bush Goes Down
Rev Antonio Hernandez will celebrate
Throughly Modern Princesses
James Skinner on royalty
Portugal - 30 Years On
James Skinner
Essence of Education
James Skinner
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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