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The International Writer's Magazine - Mid-September Update 2004 -
- Our writers celebrate successes

Hackwriters 2004

Comment & Lifestyles From Across The World

Diamonds - The Rush of '72 By Sam North
Buy now direct from
'a terrific piece of storytelling'
Historical Novel Society Review

Politics & Modern Living
When Doves Burn
Phil Mershon on fundraising for John Kerry & the DNC

New York Reptiles
James Campion: Republican National Convention

The Ralph Nader Interview James Campion
The New Jersey Political Cesspool
James Campion wades in
Part Two - NJ Cesspool 9/14 James Campion digs deeper
Why won't Kerry Fight?
Rev Antonio Hernandez on Election '04

Maximillian Day filmmaker -
A James Evans interview

Death Race 2004 30,000 suicides a year in the USA
Ben Jonjak asks why

Why Terrorism is Winning
James Skinner
Summer No Time for Politics
James Skinner
A Tribute to Mattie Stepanek
Augustine Nwaka

The Way Bush Stands Still
Dan Schnieder on liberty, aliens and fundementalism in DC
Where the Buffalo Roam
James Skinner on mass migration

Brilliant Original Short stories

The Great Beyond - Chapter Six
Brodie Parker
'Death was supposed to be a restful break from a life in which nothing ever made sense. I wanted my money back'.
The King of the Dustmites
Mary Wilson

My life has no chapters. Only two sections, pre-pills and post-pills

Nick Walker

When you observe a lone individual, in the dead of night, tossing a handgun into the sea, you generally fear the worst.
The Ballad of the Lonely Cowboy
Jennifer York

...he had heard a rumor that a love letter will stop a bullet if the writer’s intentions are true
Hate Drives a Mercedes Benz
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra
This might sound horrifying to you, but this is how Kevin was and this is how he had always been.
Whispering October
David Tavenier

You'll never see him coming, from way up in the sky.

World Journeys and Adventures
Chile Dog Nights
Dermot Sullivan's Santiago Diary No 6
A Week in Bolvia:
Dermot Sullivan's Diary No.7

Five Days in Vegas
Michael Levy
Cathedrals in the desert

Walking the Lake District
Eric D Lehman
From Broughton-in-Furness to Keswick

Polo with Elephants
Antonio Graceffo in Thailand

Another problem, the ball will often become lost, under the elephants
Perfect Solitude
Richard Meyer climbs temples in India
I drifted off, under the host of Indian sky, dreaming of ancient elegance and elephants and beautiful bathing women.
The French
Clive Branson is a little piqued...
They smoke at least a pack of cigarettes an hour. They smoke between smokes.
Mumbai Dreams
P H Pradeep
After returning to Mumbai I had never expected to be able to look at her face.
Cumbria in December
Colin Todhunter climbs Skiddaw

Mad dogs and Englishmen syndrome
Hurricane Frances
Michael Levy on nature's awesome power
Perhaps it is saying, 'Feel my power and respect it?

New novels in progress

Print On Demand
Making the Decision to Self-Publish
The How and Why

The Great Beyond
Our serialised novel starts here

The Power of Nothing
Robbin Yager
Film and Contemporary Fiction
Open Water

James Skinner Review

Tis by Frank McCourt
Dan Schnieder Review

Diamonds - The Rush of '72 by Sam North
George Olden review
Belleville Rendezvous now out on DVD
Rev Antonio Hernandez says buy it
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Encounters with a god
Eric D Lehman in Rome

And then I saw him, mingling with the crowd. God.
You Have The Right To Remain Vocal
Antonio Hernandez on Gay Rights and homophobia in the Bush Administration

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