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James Skinner

‘Never a better phrase for the present international scenario: ‘Divide and conquer!’ Never has the world, at least the civilized and democratic one, been faced recently with the vicious planning and implementation of a campaign based on Napoleon’s famous statement. This is exactly what Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda punk rock band have been carrying out over the past few years, and we in the West, I hate to repeat myself, never even realised it. Let’s look at the facts to date.

The first real smack at us came on September 11th 2001 when, as we all know four commercial aircraft were hijacked in the US and plunged, all but one of them, into symbolic buildings in Washington and New York destroying and killing thousands of innocent people. What happened after that?. Apart from the obvious world condemnation, the ‘allies’ went after the Taliban in Afghanistan and in a certain way carried out a fairly good job at cleaning up some of Al Qaeda’s base of thugs. But then the real trouble started. Angry Uncle Sam was now vulnerable to anything and the fundamentalist terrorist management began their plan, as I said before to ‘divide and conquer!’ They planted the seeds of suspicion of a link to ‘them’ on one of the US’s most wanted men, Sadam Hussein, knowing full well that the Bush administration would take the bait whilst the rest of the world would scratch its head. Not only that, through their own spy network they spread the rumour that Sadam had millions of weapons of mass destruction that could destroy the world knowing full well that the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI would love the story. Not everyone was convinced though and this is where the thugs were clever in applying their ‘dividing’ strategy. The 7th cavalry with some other thirty or so armies, went charging into Iraq and within weeks kicked out the regime. The United Nations had dithered whilst France and Germany condemned the US action. They had opposed the invasion in the first place. But the ‘men in black masks’ had achieved their objective. The West was now divided.

Next step was to allow the so-called US led ‘coalition’ to try to establish a democratic style government in Baghdad that would allow for the reconstruction of the country. This was to be followed by free elections of the people for their own leaders. Ah! But Osama had other plans. He began, slowly to infiltrate his so-called ‘cells’, at first to throw a few suicide bombs around the place. The plan was to create some havoc allowing the new ‘occupiers’ to think that there were still pockets of the old regime around ready to upset the good intentions of the allies. First big mistake. The real reason was to use Iraq as a number one platform to stage a worldwide terror campaign. Iraq became a sort of Al Qaeda HQ. Spain was next on the list.

This southern European tourist paradise had been suffering from Basque separatist terror in the name of a group called ETA for many years. Al Qaeda had been studying the terrorists’ infrastructure, methods as well as their weaponry and had slowly devised an attack plan of their own to mirror image that of the Spanish ‘freedom fighters’. On the 11th of March 2004 they blew up three trains entering Madrid Atocha railway station, days away from the forthcoming Spanish general elections. Extremely clever as once again they proved their ability to ‘divide and conquer’. The Spanish government through the Spanish intelligence sources immediately condemned the atrocities and blamed it on ETA. Big mistake! The socialist opposition had been dead against Spain’s participation in Iraq in the first place. Once the cat was out of the bag that the attempt was an Al Qaeda one and not ETA they took advantage of the situation and blamed the government as incompetent. They also won the elections and withdrew their troops from Iraq. An Al Qaeda victory. Osama reverted back to his war zone, Iraq.

The odd killing of US soldiers and blowing up of oil pipelines had completely split the West into the ‘for’ and ‘against’ camps over the situation in Iraq and was becoming a rather boring routine. Al Qaeda decided to switch tactics. They started a new plan that involved kidnapping. Now that France, Germany and Spain were fully against the USA and the coalition’s involvement in Iraq, ‘the men in black masks’ began to take the odd hostage from low level countries and far away places such as the Philippines and Nepal slitting the odd throat here or there of a truck driver or aid worker just to cause a rumpus. And a rumpus was caused! Millions of up until now uninvolved communities began to scream blue murder at their governments and leaders. Once again blaming the USA and all their allies for the problems. In the meantime one has to remember that the politicians, that is the western governments were not the only ones divided on this whole issue in Iraq. The world’s media, composed of television, newspapers and above all those pumping stuff on the Internet were completely and utterly divided on who was killing whom and why. Just for kicks they also took a couple of French journalists as hostages and look at how Chirac reacted! Osama Bin Laden and his entire Al Qaeda network are actually winning this so called ‘war on terrorism’. Believe me it’s true. It was now Russia’s turn.

This country, like Spain, had it’s own fair share of nationalistic terrorism in the separatist region of Chechnya. Bombings and killings had been the order of the day for years. Once again, the Bin Laden mob began studying the tactics. Suicide bombing was slowly introduced. In 2002 a horrendous attack on a theatre in Moscow took place with massive assassination. The world was horrified but again divided, with criticisms for and against at how president Putin and his army handled the situation.

Now we have the latest incredible attack in a small Russian town Beslan on a school full of children. Utter convulsive madness. But once again, the magnitude of the terrorist attempt is where the clue to the involvement, or better said the control of international terrorism by Al Qaeda is hidden. 32 hostage takers had been found, Chechen, Ingush, Kazakh, Arabic and Slav. Over 1000 people taken hostage in School No 1 by these terrorists and nearly 400 dead, more half of them children. 180 still unaccounted for as 06.09.04.

Many believe that the ongoing crisis in Iraq is a sort of mixed bag of uprisings by different factions fighting for power with a common cause to oust the invading forces of infidels. Others believe that Chechnya is seeking its independence and upping its atrocities. Spaniards still blame their ousted conservative government for the killings in Madrid. Everyone blames George Bush and the USA for the overall problem. We’ve all been hood winked! We’re all wrong.

This whole new WWIII has been planned from the beginning and for the past twenty or so years. The Al Qaeda group, similar to the Nazi’s in the nineteen thirties took a chaotic world situation, studied it carefully and pulled together a sophisticated and well designed plan to screw the hell out of all of us. Trouble is that only now are we really beginning to realise it. As one of the Iraqi ministers said a while back, ‘if the whole of the civilised world does not pull together and unite as one big force against this evil, we are all doomed!’
© James Skinner. September 6th 2004.

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