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:Alito Sworn in Jan 31st 2006

The Harsh Truth About The New Supreme Court Judge
A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes, but to get into accord with them; they are legitimately what directs his conduct in the world. - Sigmund Freud
James campion

Here's all you need to know about the new Supreme Court Judge, Sam Alito: He worked for Ed Meese. Probe and poke this guy all you want, present self-serving congressional speechifying masqueraded as inquiry and even rummage through his garbage while you're at it. But you certainly don't need any Senate hearings, least of all this badly formed farce the Democrats staged last week. I have always felt you learn more about a man by examining his friends and associates. I prefer to run with the outlaw mind myself, that and the artist mentality. I don't like anyone to appear normal or functioning around me for more than an afternoon, except in the case of my publisher, for whom I have volumes of hate mail and a pending law suit, but that is a tale for another day.

For the most part, I support the socially deranged. This says all you need to know about how things run around here. Alito supports the criminal element; specifically constitutional marauders like Ed Meese, one of the most corrupt and damaged creatures ever to serve as Attorney General, and believe me, when considering the long and painful rogue's gallery therein, it is an achievement like no other. Make your call about Alito from his long law record; I shall take this one to the bank. It doesn't matter how conservative Alito is, he's damn conservative, a guaranteed stone-cold Barry Goldwater conservative; women in the kitchen, God in the living room, and all free thought channeled through a red, white and blue fairy land, but not too fairy land - people will talk. Turns out this court needs a conservative voice to balance the debate anyway. It stands now at four (liberals: Stevens, Souter, Breyer, Ginsburg) against four (conservatives: Scalia, Thomas, Roberts) with one moderate, Anthony Kennedy.

Kennedy will be the all-important pivot on key hot-button issues, a position currently held by Sandra Day O'Connor. The pivot will swing left and then right. No telling where he will end up. Kennedy swings left: Prayer at high school graduations? No. Roe v. Wade? Yes. Flag-burning? Cool. Sodomy ban? Nah. Then he swings right: 2000 Florida vote, Bush v. Gore? Stop the recount! Partial-birth abortion ban? Good. Affirmative-action quotas? No. Boy Scouts banning of gays? Why not. Kennedy is the wild card here, not Alito. He is conservative, yes, but this doesn't bother me. People have to believe what they believe and will interpret everything through that prism. You can't alter nature. However, it does bother me that the man spent quality time around a monster like Ed Meese, much less work for him.

And not only did Alito work for Meese, he lied to get the gig, said he chaired some atavistic Princeton club that tried to ban women and keep privileged white boys in charge of the weekend keggers. At least he said he lied, or beefed up the resume for the old man. He could never abide such extremist lunacy. Not him. Either way, Alito knew Meese would eat up that kind of anti-subversive stuff. It made the cranky bastard horny to think of women as cattle and free expression as a virus that needed to be eradicated. Alito took orders from this goon, and that should be a problem for anyone judging his character.

I heard Pat Buchanan joke the other day that Alito was being treated as though he were in the dock at the Nuremberg trials. Truth is this is no joke, but that's cool, because anyone who took orders from a fascist lunatic like Ed Meese needs to be grilled like a Nazi sympathizer. Let's put it this way, I heard a lot of nonsense during the 2004 presidential campaign about the Bush people being Nazis and Bush some kind of defacto Hitler. This was wrong. Not so with Meese, whose mutated freak genes make assholes like John Ashcroft and Dick Chaney look like cheap hoods.

But I didn't hear much about this somber fact while Democrats conducted these latest Senate hearings, always chock full of political spite and vigor. You wonder sometimes if the Democrats even remember what it was like to wield real power. Listening to Joe Biden grill Alito is akin to watching in sad horror as some ex-jock waxes poetic about his glory days half drunk and weeping uncontrollably into his worn-out varsity jacket. That's why these guys give 40-minute soliloquies when they're supposed to be reviewing a candidate's law record, no one pays attention anymore.

It's over. So over. And pretty soon when these hearings are a quaint memory and Alito takes his chair in the highest court in the land, they'll all go back to their cushy offices and pray to whatever god they buy into that mid-America looses its collective minds and votes for a woman in three years, because no matter how damaged this Bush Administration abortion is or how corruptible this current Congress is, things will not shift in 2006.

Alito? He can endure being the Democrats punching bag for a while.
The gig is worth it. But soon he will have to face down the demons that have followed him since his days on the wall with Master Meese. Or not. Most likely it will be not.

© James Campion Jan 24th 2006- Update Feb 1st 2006

Readers Letters Jan 31st 2006
Wow. These letters are a brilliant sample from across the spectrum.
Viet Nam went on from the time I was pre-pubescent and well into my teens. I had no idea what was going on, really. Now that I have some inkling of what's happening in and around Iraq--and the backdrop of the Bush administration--I really, really wonder whether it's possible to get the fuck out before the next election.
What if Bush really isn't Nixon? What if he's just the Republican doppelganger for JFK? Not bloody likely, but an interesting excursion, if only for the logical exercise.
I hold to my standing evaluations and predictions:
* GWB is not at all evil. He may be ignorant, but he believes with every cell in his body that he is doing the Right Thing.
* GWB's problem is with his advisers. Most, if not all, are truly Evil, i.e., they know what they're doing is wrong, but they either believe that the ends justify the means, or they're too greedy to see or care.
* Iraq (and most other actions of the current executive administration) has been and continues to be driven by What We Can Get Away With, as opposed to What We Ought To Be Doing.
* The scandal associated with GWB's administration will cause Watergate to look like an under-$10 shoplifting case at Wal-Mart...not just When It's All Over, but Real Soon Now.
 The cause of this heretofore-unknown exposure, IMHO, is twofold:
1. GWB, as a recovering alcoholic who daily overdoses on prayer, is actually shooting himself in the foot--sabotaging himself subconsciously. See also the conservative GOPers who, after briefly and modestly exposing their guilty consciences, are now engaging in full-frontal, public, hardcore displays of contrition. Coming soon: finger-pointing within the GOP.
2. Communications technology, from the Blackberry to the Blog, just isn't suppressible. Even in the cases where Yahoo/Google/Microsoft have helped the Chinese to clamp down on their own citizens, we get the news. That news, and plenty more.
Thanks, James. Thanks again. Thanks especially for the times that you write even though you don't feel like it.
Brad Morrison
This column on the Sirius Radio and the FCC (I HAVE A DREAM – Issue – 1/18) is more of the same tired griping about everything FCC. What's the point? They will never fold the FCC, too many jobs and favors owed. Not even the Democrats would risk it, nor have they ever. We are a morally obsessed people, who do most of our dirty deeds in private, and choose to bitch about anyone expressing them in any art form.
It was an interesting argument for making it obsolete through the free enterprise market, but that is just dreaming. You should know better than that. You’re supposed to be the realist. Give it up.

The FCC made LBJ, err...Lady Bird rich, in effect, putting him the White House. Kill 'em for that.
"Coke Stevenson for Senate in '48!"

Never mind all that FCC stuff: Howie Long just insulted my masculinity in a Chevy
Truck commercial. I don't know whether I should watch more football, beat my
wife, or complain about the lack of an over-the-counter pill to increase the
hardness and quality of my erection.

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