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The International Writer's Magazine - Winter 2005- Welcome

Hackwriters '05

Kalifornia Road Trip
Amber Turnau

Tonle Sap Lake Boatpeople
Antonio Graceffo in Cambodia

Running Away to Taipei
Pam Klicki

Kenya Journey
Menel Ahmed
in Africa
Ari J Kaufman
in gold country
Starving In Marrakesh
Babara Foster
Talking in Tongues
Dmetri Kakmi

Stand Like Walls
Roger Smith in Nicaragua

Last Supper in Kitengela
Josephine Green

The Iraqi Papers Part 1V
Surrealism Safety Brigade
James Campion

Dreaded Christmas Office Party
Xara Higgs

Climate of Fear
Gina Birch on global warming
Who Needs Politicians?
James Skinner
The Executives New Clothes
James Campion- Iraq Papers1

The Iraq Papers - Part Two
War & Politics
James Campion

The Iraqi Papers: Pt 111
The Song and Dance men
James Campion
King Chavez
James Skinner on Venezuela
Data Shadows
Victor Manley knows they are watching - judging...

26th Avenue
Diana Hurlbut - crack on the street
James Skinner on Spinal Stenosis
When God makes changes...
Michael levy
Maxims, Paris and Me
Caitlin Metland
Madrid Vacation
Paul Dale Roberts

Penn Station
Ari Kaufman

Airboat to Indian Creek
Clint Hunter in Belize
Harter Fell
Graham Attenborough
Vanity and the heart
Next Year
Lauren Lifari

Lauren Almey at the empty fairground

Future According to Class 7b
Louise Powell on the future of teaching

Kate Webster: A good hanging
Graham Attenborough

The Long Miles
Ryan Moore is running

Head Space: Green Fireplace
J.A. Billstrom
on the edge in Vancouver
White Sands
Vincent Lowry
Father and Son farewell
21st Century Goodbyes

Sandra Philip
on euthanasia
I Love Kylie
Chris Miller
Getting Started
Martin Green
The Future
Victor Manley in the dark

A Second Chance
Raymond K. Clement is drowning

For Kids by Rozy Abra
Freddy the Ferry and the Very Shy Shelterbox - Buy this book and help Shelterbox help people
Evita - from stage to screen
Suzannah Brooksbank

Rebecca Kingsbury

Moulin Rouge Dir Baz Luhrman
Kyla Lacey- Davidson

Catch Me if you Can
Alex Segal

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Gemma Ayres

From Hell - Jack the Ripper
Kerry Savage

Roswell - From Book to TV
Jenny Atkins
Reviewing the Reviewers
James Skinner
crits the critics

Our Serialised novel
The Great Beyond
by Brodie Parker

Chapter Nineteen

The Penultimate Chapter
'I knew you before you were born'...
The Chronicles of Narnia
Alex Hillman
Chronicles of Narnia- Take 2
Dan Schnieder

Get Carter - Red Shift Theatre Christine Churcher
The Up Series 7-42 Up Dir Michael Apted - Dan Schneider
A Year of Magical Thinking
by Joan Didion
A Charlie Dickinson review
The Brothers Grimm
Dir Terry Gilliam
Kenneth Robinson
William F Buckley's Miles Gone By Dan Schnieder
Charley Feather by Kate Pennington
A Clare Sager review

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Dir Mike Newell
A Gemma Ayres review

Movie Review 2005
Robert Cottingham

League of Gentlemen - Panto
Rebecca Kingsbury
Melic Thrum New CD release
Vancouver Funk/jazz band

Freeze Winter Show at
The Diane Farris Gallery
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Correction to November Edition
The Magus review was written by Eric Lehman

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