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The International Writer's Magazine - November 2005 - Welcome

Hackwriters '05

Why You Travel
Richard Turner
on arriving
Tritowns by Ari Kaufman
Seeking the 'Field of Dreams' Bokator Khmer - Ancient Martial Arts - Antonio Graceffo
Riding the Rails in Los Angeles
Pablo Delgado on the trains
Fantasique: Surviving Summer Kyle MacDonald and a fan
Bushkill Falls
Ari J Kaufman
Journey to Africa's Gate
Andres Mariani
Afar A Khan
in Pakistan

Approval Ratings
Barry Mitchell bytes back

The Curse of the Diet Monster
Michelle Attridge
Eat me!
Stinky Branding
Naseem Javed- smell money
Rosa Louise Parks 1913-2005
James Campion
Oil Futures- A Shell Game?
Michael Levy

Moratorium - Peacemarch '69
Richard Grayson anti-war
View from the Barricades
James Campion
Republican Meltdown?

My Uncle the Agent
Kyle MacDonald
the ride to hell
On Expectation and Friendship
Eric D. Lehman
I expect too much from people
Cuba: Salsa Country
Marie-Louise Olsen -
Cuba is music
Teardrops and e-mails
Colin Todhunter heart on sleeve

This girl was sharp
The Big Question
Michelle Attridge ponders her reply

Curse of the Nibelung
Book Launch - A night to remember
Show us some loyalty
Louise Powell on consumer tracking
Clarity after a Rainfall
Lauren Almey

He headed in her direction...
Devil You know - Devil you don't
Ryan Moore

Temptation with strippers
The Tennis Season
Martin Green in a doubles match

A Cobbler's Tale
Christine Churcher
Tom Donoghue
Regret from a hospital bed
Out There
Alan Stokes

Hot Baby Blue: Something More or Something Less one afternoon Ryan J Moore
Sip the Night Away
Caitlin Metland
love a party
How will it end?
Wendell R. Mangibin
leaving early
Squat Party
Graham Attenborough
throws a party for Colin
DVD Reviews
Napoleon Dynamite Dir Jared Hess - Dan Schnieder review
Edge of Orison by Iain Sinclair
A Gemma Williams review

A Streetcar Named Desire
Dir Eli Kazan('51)
Gabriella Davies
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Dir Francis Ford Coppola -
Gemma Williams

Coffee and Cigarettes
Dir - Jim Jarmusch
Dan Schneider review
13 Going on 30
Dir Gary Winick
Dan Schnieder review

Carrie Directed by Brian de Palma - Lucy Bailey
High Fidelity (Nick Hornby)
Holly Bates book v movie
Chocolat Dir Lasse Halstrom
Gemma Ayres
Jaws: Spielberg v Benchley
Alex Segal
Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice - Amy Barlow
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest - Sally Hawksford

Chicago Musical v The Film
Kate Maskell
Blade Runner
Dir Ridley Scott -
Michael Halmshaw

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Dir Mike Newell
A Gemma Ayres review

Confessions on a dance floor by Madonna - A Samara O'Shea review

Turbulence by Jan Mark
A Gemma Roxy Williams review
Aerial: Making Maths Meaningful by Kate Bush - A Clare Sager review
Charley Feather by Kate Pennington
A Clare Sager review

Directed by Anand Tucker
A Dan Schneider Review
Capote Dir Bennet Miller
Dan Schneider review

Desert Death on Three Wheels
by Antonio Graceffo
Vanessa Hyde review
The Middle Mind by Curtis White
Dan Schnieder Review
The Magus by John Fowles
Eric Lehman

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