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Hotel Baby Blue: Something More and Something Less One Afternoon
Ryan J Moore

Her legs crossed, a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other, she was a sulking beauty of twenty five: The so-called unattainable type. She was glamorous, long blonde hair, soft features that were free of blemish. Bad boys, rich boys, model types, I wasn’t like any of them. I sat at the opposite end of the bar, about twice her age. Still had good looks, but I was burnt out on the ordinary life. With the AC busted, it was too hot to waste any energy on a dead-end move. Not even flies batted a wing in this heat.

I ambled over to her and observed little things - details - available to use as fodder for conversation. Yet words never win a woman over - that’s the realm of the unspoken. The fact that I wasn’t anything special worked in my favor. She never saw me coming, and I spotted the baby blue scarf lying atop her purse.
"How do you do, I’m Rick…"
She paused, "Amanda…" If she was complete bitch, I wouldn’t have even gotten her name. Contact: I shook her hand and asked if she didn’t mind some company.

It was the middle of the afternoon. The shades were drawn and the lights dimmed. We sat alone in the hotel bar. Location, location, location: Hotel bars are ideal settings for a pick- up. The area code changes and so do the morals. When something raw, dark and wild crawls to the surface, I try to be around. Didn’t ask about men, the job… I never tell a woman she is beautiful, that's amateurish and limp-dicked. I started with the scarf.
"A striking color…"
She touched it. I desired her caress. Deep breath...I offered her a cigarette and a round. I asked her to put the scarf on, saying it was a shame she wasn’t wearing it. A quick joke and she laughed. Standing behind her I fixed the scarf so it was just right. Looking over her shoulder into the mirror, her eyes were starring back at me. It was moment to make a play. She was contemplating something more. She winked.
"Let’s go upstairs," I said, Romeo with whiskey breath. She agreed. Into the room…I pushed her on the bed. She wanted to be knocked down, ravished, taken... Panties blue like the scarf; her eyes, too.
"It’s so good…" she whispered. Deep kisses: Cotton candy for our souls. I let my lust unravel slowly. Never one to disappoint.

An hour later I walked out before the lies walked in. Sunlight upon my face I felt like a million bucks: Big yellow Cadillac, windows down, and my blood feeling cool. I didn’t ask her to meet again. I hunted meal by meal. Maybe I should get some help? No, I could hide it all for a few more years... Losing my thoughts in the Holy Trinity: a drink first and a cigarette last.

© Ryan Moore November 2005

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