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The International Writer's Magazine - October Edition 2005 - Welcome

Hackwriters '05

The Venetian Touch
Jason Murphy pauses to reflect
Back to Life
Dermot Sullivan's Chile Diary Postcard from Crete
Karen Saxby

The cockerel is the first sound..
The Road to Siem Reap
Antonio Graceffo

“We thought you were dead,”...
The Natchez Trail
Ari J Kaufman

Following the Delta rail
Christian Sites in Syria
Habeeb Salloum

Michael Levy
in a city reborn
Tunis: Sunshine City Break
Ann Dymond

The Souks of Aleppo
Habeeb Salloum in Syria

View from the Barricades
ames Campion - A Top Republican Informant Comes Clean
Tom Delay- Road Kill
James Campion
...slick talking greasy-haired power ties
Intelligent Design?
Dr Mark H. Shapiro
Bad religion - bad science
Compassion Fatigue
Sam North
on a year of disasters

The G8 Summit Diary
Elle Gray

The G8 is an unaccountable, self appointed exclusive club
The Beggars of Bangladesh
Mary-Louise Olsen

Why do we just look away?

Tales From Zirzameen
Brian H Appleton in Iran

More Lifestyle Issues:
Nicole Trilavas
says Go Now!
The Return of Tabytha Towe
Getting a life on track
Four Bucks and a microwave
Kyle McDonald

"Can you fold things?"
"Yeah, sure. Why?"
Ilkley Moor and Hendrix
Alex Clark -The Experience

it's still possible to swim alfresco
Indian Idol
Self-promotition overdrive
An Actor's Life For Me
Ian Jordan in Vancouver

Steel City Renaissance
Ari Kaufman in Pittsburgh
America's most liveable city?
Wine, Spirit & Song in Sonoma
Paul Dale Roberts

The Big High
Kate Watson is going to Jump

Dave Burton
How easy it was, how much I miss it now.
Night, Morning, Night
Lauren Almey
She had longed to believe in monsters...
Driving on the Sausage Run
Tom Sheehan
Dez had no sense of guilt for his diurnal intrusions
In Order to Forget
Diana Hurlbut
What do you say to a girl whose father killed himself?
The Rig Runner
Tom Sheehan on the truckers highway
Love and Silk

First Day at School
Chris Churcher

I need to wee...

Close Range: Wyoming Stories
by Annie Proulx
A Dan Schneider review

Spain: A Work in Progress
Sam North in Valencia

Costa’s: concrete and clay
The Beginnings of Strength
Eric D lehman
Our minds had stopped fearing and begun to live
The Great & Future Insurrection
Punkerslut plots revolution
If we can change the system without bloodshed...
Climate Change
Larry Rolirad takes a pledge

Talk show hosts need to demonize
Ballbusting 101
James Campion
On Stacey Campfield

Edge of Orison by Iain Sinclair
A Gemma Roxy Williams review
Bombom, El Perro (DVD)
Directed by Carlos Sarin
Gabriela Davies review

Oak: The Frame of Civilization
by William Bryant Logan -
A Charlie Dickinson review

Please Don't Come Back from the Moon by Dean Bakopoulos
A Charlie Dickinson review

Alexander - Dir Oliver Stone
A Dan Schnieder DVD review
Reunion v Ignorance
Dan Schneider on Lightman & Kundera's companion novels
5 x 2 Dir Francois Ozon
A Robert Cottingham review
Jersey Girl - Dir Kevin Smith
A Dan Schneider DVD review

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers
Jennifer Atkins on Penguins

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