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Barry Mitchell

s George W. Bush's approval rating sinks to an all time low we can only be thankful it hasn't effected the performance of the commander in chief. I'm referring to one Richard B. Cheney. Let the buck stop at Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Mr. Fitzgerald. Thanking you in advance.

And if you don't think Dick Cheney's the Charlie Rich behind closed doors president then I have some swampland left in Fallujah for ya.

Keep flashing back to "Farenheit 911" when Michael Moore captures Bush sitting in the classroom with that befuddled non-computing about to implode robotic stare as if he's saying to himself, "Why the hell are they bothering me with this? Can't they see I'm reading to the kids! Didn't they call Cheney, yet?" Realize President Bush speaks to us like we're morons in that slow, almost broken English he masters, but does the government think we're really that stupid?

© Valery Bochkov '04

I mean we knew about Clinton's propensity toward the ladies well before election time with all of the gossip and innuendo but we didn't care. He was the best man for the job. If Bill was satisfied, then we were happy.

What does a Vice President do, anyway? Isn't he supposed to be that jovial uncle tossing you in the air when you're a baby, rah-rah cheerleader slash glorified small town mayor mentality that attends the occasional social fundraiser? Certainly doesn't sound like Dick to me. You don't have to be Einstein to figure out who calls the major shots. I mean why on earth would you leave a post where you're earning millions of dollars/year, CEO of one of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world to be an underling VP? Makes no sense. The answer don't, unless of course you're promised the presidency under the table. Think that's number 28, the seldom talked about amendment.
But you know what, that's fine with us, Mr.Fitzgerald. We knew about it all along, that's why we voted for Bush in the first place! That's why we cringe every time Dick goes under the knife, waiting on bated breath until he emerges with the infamous snarling grin. The boss is back in town.

So speaking on behalf of the American people (well at least one of them) "Scooter" alledgedly was the sole culprit. Not like I'm beggin' ya but, alright I'm begging, let the Vice President continue to run the ship, stay the course. Whether it be underground at the White House, ranch in Wyoming, fortress in Tampa.
'Cause if you think it's bad now my friend...
© Barry Mitchell

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