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Melic Thrum Second Album
Bonnie Nish

ocal Vancouver Band Melic Thrum has just released their second CD "Something Sweet to Hide Behind", a unique blend of Latin funk, pop and jazz, resulting in a dynamic sound and original tunes. Five years in the making this CD is definitely a labor of love.

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Having poured their hearts and souls and time into this production, band members Mike Peacock, Chad York, Ryan Drolet and Alex McFarlane, felt they had a lot of people to thank. With this in mind they threw a CD Launch Party that would be as memorable as the lyrics to such songs as ‘Working Day’ or ‘Desert Dunes and Dromedaries’.

Converting one of the large dance studios at the top of the Scotiabank Dance Centre into a party room wasn’t hard. Add a few tables, some chairs and food and you have a party. But making it a classic, elegant affair, well that is what these guys are about. With a heated patio with a view of the city, a keg of beer, wine and a table full of food you start to see the picture.

"Where did they get this cheese?" local poetic talent Randy Jacobs kept asking. And as simple as it sounds that is what makes these men stand out; taking the simple and making something beautiful and wonderful out of it.

"We had a lot of people we wanted to thank," says one of the bands founders Mike Peacock. "This is our way of giving back."

Chad York the other founding member of the band would agree. In the only speech they gave all night he made it clear that they were there to thank everyone who supported them in the making of this CD and that this party was just as much for them as it was for the band.

Add some lamps around the room for mood lighting, a video of the four men in the band talking about their experiences making the CD projected on the wall and the Melic Thrum insignia projected on another and you begin to get an idea of the mood.
" I have been to a lot of CD launches in my time," local musician Suzy Malcolm commented," but none of them like this one. This is the best."

What exactly made this evening so special? They never played their music live and weren’t pushing this CD on anyone, something people have come to expect at this kind of an event. This was a magical evening and everyone there felt they had a real sense of who these guys were simply because of the guys themselves. Like the CD everything they do has heart and soul put into it and this evening was no different. This wasn’t about selling and promoting, this was about acknowledging and celebrating; celebrating the end result of five years hard work and love. And everyone there felt thanked and glad to be apart of this history.

Now comes the promoting. Don’t forget the music because after all, that is what this is all about. Following the release of their first CD ‘Melic Thrum’ the band continues to push themselves to the limit with this new release. Listen carefully to the lyrics of such songs as ‘Row My Boat’ or the musical mixtures on ‘Dropped a Quarter’ and you really understand why everyone was there to support them.

Melic Thrum will be playing at the Fairview Pub 898 West Broadway on Sat. Dec. 17th at 9 pm. Check out their sound at
To purchase a copy of either of their CDs email
© Bonnie Nish December 14th 2005


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