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Kat Roberts

'No one in this world is safe from these companies; these huge, grotesque monsters find us wherever we are, and swallow us whole, unable to escape'.

Ebay, Shopping channels, SALE. All words that relate to the publics weakness for consumerism. We’re all guilty of being sucked into buying things which we don’t necessarily need, but the compulsive competition in the world for being the best overpowers the tiny part in our brains labelled SENSIBILITY 50% OFF.

Why is it that our world has been consumed itself by consumerism? We judge the others around us by the possessions we own, we strive more than anything to beat the rest, it is our target in life. Without this war for winning, what would the world really be like? Better? Worse? Would we have feelings of ambition and the sense of accomplishment?

We base how we live on the best, and our goals in life are to work our way towards it. Who really likes being at the bottom of the chain? There is always the niggling feeling at the back of your head ‘you MUST be the best’, ‘you MUST have the best’. We see this constant rivalry through consumerism. Mass producers creating goods smothered in labels to prove to others that YOU have the ability to push yourself higher.

What? By simply buying that which costs more, looks the same as everything else, is badly made but makes you feel like a winner. Identity of individuals is starting to fade, and instead is replaced by GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gucci and Louis Vuiton. No one in this world is safe from these companies; these huge, grotesque monsters find us wherever we are, and swallow us whole, unable to escape.

Oh we try to run that’s for sure, but these fiends come charging up behind us and mow us down, and we are left flatter than a pancake. ADDIDAS is stamped on our broken, fragile little lives. Yet, this is how the world continues to be, once we have been mesmerized by the gold plated, diamante encrusted clown earrings being sold on QVC, we will never return to our innocence. The consumerism devil has caught us in his grasp, and is holding tighter onto us than we are holding onto our Gucci bags. Materialism is all around us, it cannot be stopped, it is on every road we walk down, every house we go to, every television show we watch. It is impossible for this maniacal monster to be held down, because, when it comes down to it, we ALWAYS want to be the best, no matter who you are, where you are from, we have been brought into this world as a rival to the others, and competition is in our blood. SALE NOW ON...
© Kat Roberts
Miss Gucci Two-Shoes is a Creative Writing Student at Portsmouth University

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