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My Life As A Writer.
Michael Levy

"No matter where you travel, with a positive outlook you will never lose your way."
Michael Levy.

What is my life like as a writer? Well, let's compare it to what my life was like before I became a writer some five years ago.
When I first started my own business at the tender age of nineteen and only sixty dollars, everybody told me it would be impossible for me to succeed. They said at best I was a foolish joker who left school aged sixteen and without a good education. They also said the deck was stacked far too much for me to get ahead.

For the next twenty-seven years I enjoyed playing the business games of textiles, commercial property, stock market and commodity investing/trading. Never did I get into debt, nor take out any loans.

Throughout this time folks continued to call me stupid......The more they called me stupid, the more money I made and the richer I became. Then one day they stopped calling me stupid and wanted to partnership with me. That is when I retired from the business world, aged forty-six.

After a six year break in which I asked myself many profound and searching questions, authentic answers eventually came into my mind..... I then began to write. Since I rarely wrote any letters and never read any books, this was indeed a major change of direction.

I wrote my first book in only ten days (What Is The Point) in 1998. Sure enough as soon as it was published folks began to call me stupid. This gave me the endorsement I needed to write another book.
The next book was titled "Minds of Blue Souls of Gold" Once again I was looked on as stupid and my philosophy flawed. Wow! I thought, I am a success, for if these folks with erroneous lifestyles do not like my philosophy, then my philosophy must be authentic.

And so I went on to write two more books to date .... "Enjoy Yourself It's Later Than You Think"
and "Invest With A Genius"

My last book "Invest With A Genius" has been totally ignored by the financial world. They do not call me stupid anymore, they just totally ignore me. The book gives true guidelines on how to invest in the stock market, business and most importantly ourselves. In the past twelve months my stock portfolios both in the USA and the UK have doubled in value by following the philosophy I write about. However, I am still ignored by the media. This gives me tremendous encouragement and fortitude to continue writing.
Gandhi once said; "First they fight you, then they ignore you, then you win. I do hope they keep ignoring me for many years to come, for if they start to agree with me, I will have nothing to write about!
Since my philosophy and writing is many light years ahead of main stream academia, I know in my lifetime, I will have nothing to fear about them accepting it.
I will continue to enjoy the game of being an author, poet and philosopher with the understanding....... If my philosophy brings me total health, abundant wealth and twenty-four hours a day Joy, then why would I listen to the folks who still call me stupid?

Oh! did I forget to mention that my web site is linked to over 10,650 other web sites and my poetry and essays have been published by many thousands of web sites, journals and magazines. So, just maybe, enjoying writing and being oblivious to the opinion of close-minded people pays big dividends. In essence, every writer who enjoys their writing cannot fail.
Enjoy - never - endure!

© Michael Levy. Author, Poet, Philosopher.

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