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2003 -The Writer's Magazine- October 2003
Editorial - Stairway to Heaven and other 'texts'

The International Writers Magazine


Across Taklamakan by Rickshaw
Antonio Graceffo

Modern Maputo
Peter Farrell-Vinay on Mozambique
Across The Roof of Taiwan
Antonio Graceffo

From Bangkok to Laos
James Evans in Asia

Anarchy in Bushlandia
James Campion on the war

Swarzenegger & the Left Wing GOP

James Campion
Why America Needs Nixon - More Than Ever
James Evans
The Truth and Rush Limbaugh
James Campion
Last Days On The Throne
Rev Antonio Hernandez on
The Pope in history
Old Spain in a New Bottle
James Skinner

Farewell Concorde
Stewart Mandy on the end of supersonic travel

On Being Addicted To Friendster

Jason Margolis reports

The Best Bars in Thailand

a complete guide- James Evans

Eating Out In Japan
Dean H Ruezler

Eating Out in Japan - Part 2
Ramen Hell - Dean H Ruetzler

The Semiotics of Cool
James Evans
James Evans
in Asia
Head For Mexico & Take Your Pets Don Adams
Sabi Game Reserve
Dan Millington in South Africa
Bucky Dent
James Campion
Why Japan Won't Change
J T Brown

Getting On
James Skinner on bodyparts
Stop - Do Not Call
Antonio Hernandez on Telemarketing
On Becoming an Aunt
Michael Sean Morris is Mame!
A West Country Pilgrimage
Erid D Lehman finds Yeats
Two Dead Sheep
Erid D Lehman in the Lake District
The Lie of The Land
Robert Wolf on G.W. Bush
The Future Of Our Oceans
James Skinner
Defining My Success
Heidi Cogdill
No Duty To Retreat
Antonio Hernandez on Tourettes and Aspergers Autism
Holidays Without The Hassle
Margaret B Davidson
Day One
Gabriel Ricard: the first day of Ninth Grade

Curse of the Swiss Chocolate Tax
Terence Kumpf

Long Haired Disasters

Heather Neale on mother/ daughter/ boyfriend relationships
From the archives:
Holly - by Jayne Sharrat
A complete young fiction e-novel
Three Short Reviews
Worst Journey, Wind in the Willows, Hampshire Days
Candy by Mian Mian
Charlie Dickinson - drugs and rock n'roll in China
The Carnie Life
Heather Neale in California
Lego - 70 Years On
Samantha C Derrick
Writers with works in progress
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