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Lifestyles: Learning to be Human

James Talbot

To my thinking, the human psyche has three facets, our physical side, our emotional side, and our intellectual side.

As we learn and develop, the first goal of the intellectual is to escape from the culture that has created them or else be forever shaped by the words of others, and be simply another face in the crowd. Even if unacknowledged, the strongest people are the ones whom speak with their own words.

To my thinking, the human psyche has three facets, our physical side, our emotional side, and our intellectual side. These facets govern even happiness and love, and true love is love agreed upon by all three and reciprocated.
Physical happiness is directly derived from the senses; it is sex, alcohol, chocolate and whatever else gives you pleasant sensations and sends chills up your spine.
Emotional happiness is the feeling of serenity and bliss, usually the product of love, success, laughter and positive feeling. And Intellectual happiness is the feeling of satisfaction you eventually get through knowledge; whatever it may be- the feeling that another question has been answered or another blank filled in. Therefore, certainly in my case, in the broadest sense, I’m saying, "The key to happiness is love, laughter and literature."

This is directly related to my outlook on life; that regardless of what happens, you should simply take it in your stride. Indeed, my aspiration in life is simply to live in a world free from the usual pressures of schedule, expectation, and commercialism.

Money and Fame are pointless and fleeting and overall rather unsatisfying, and I cannot personally see how so many people can go with the crowd and feel that they can make life worth living. These people are those I mentioned who are still trapped by the society that has created them. Unfortunately, this self-delusion is actually that which helps ensure the masses are kept under control, and leaders have known this for centuries and continue to take advantage of it, through the media in the case of modern society.

Though many people who’ve known me will comment that I’m far to optimistic, I simply answer, why not? It is my belief that depression has no purpose at all other than to remind you what happiness is. If you are not happy with your life, stop right there and ask yourself why. Then change it. Though it is inevitable that everything has its ups and downs, highs and lows, you should never be in perpetual unhappiness. Just remember: "Life always has a bright side; and if it doesn’t, then tickle it until it does"

© James Talbot December 2003
James is a first year Creative Arts student at University of Portsmouth

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