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Comment: Branding

Is Corporate America Ready for A British Style of Name Branding ?
Naseem Javed

Right now, in good old England they have big corporate brands like EGG as in ham & eggs, ORANGE as in juice, THUS, the Scottish telco still having difficulties thus far.

Go, as go where? and NOW, as in right now. etc. (etc. is supposed to be a gentleman's gentlemen type magazine for straight guys.) (Although City College in San Francisco have been using that name for years now for their magazine- Ed)

Now, here comes, TED in USA with only one single peanut? United Airlines to brilliantly chop the Uni from their name to come to this unique invention of TED as half the airline with all things chopped but the engines must deserve gold medal in the hall of fame of desperate naming.
As Blue, Jazz,Tango and Song were all flying, so TED will now do its trampoline number.

It seems that all over the globe there is a rush to find 4 letter words for the airlines this the revenge of the disgruntled flier? May be. The fact is, airlines are on the fast chopping mode. "Cut everything into half and than half again, do it slowly and painfully." Of course they are losing money. To frequent flyers it became obvious, way before the 9-11 tragedy, it started with the peanut packets being repalced by a single peanut. The monkey business is almost over, now you even pay for a cracker and would never dream to demand an extra satin pillow with silky blankets. Today, the stage is nicely set to give the a greyhound bus service in the air. Cut the washrooms, give a re-used parachute from INAM, Iraq that is. Naming of airlines have taken a major turn, form country specific to discount coupon specific. From first class to no class. While Asian airlines are boosting super luxery classes, here, it is time to fly a TOM or a DICK or a HARRY.

In the meanwhile, our good old McDonald is unhappy about Mcjobs being included as a word in the OED, The Oxford English Dictionary, mother of all the english words and a slap to the French because their Larousse dictionary is few thousand French words less than the English. Wow, we have more four letter words than the French, merde. To BigMac, the jobs of "Flippin Engineers" and "Laterine Sentries" is not to be laughed at. True, BigMac, does help tens of thousands at entry level jobs and help the students.

Somehow they later become obese and try to sue them, in revenge?

Here is the new twist, the fast, freedom fry, fatty chow maker, now wants to sell childern clothing and introduce McKids in a big way... why not go for,eat and die...complete the circle.

A million dollar tag line on Madison avenue, indeed. Watch out for the naked kids running around at the golden arches drive-ins exchanging and refitting pantalones...French that is.

Naseem Javed, introduced "The Laws of Corporate Naming" in early eighties and is the author of Naming for Power and Domain Wars, is recognized as a world authority on corporate nomenclature and on naming standards. Naseem founded ABC Namebank, a quarter century ago in New York and Toronto

© Naseem Javed November 2003
War of Words by Naseem Javed


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