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It Ain't Cool
Daniel Moore

My sister is a massive Lord of the Rings fan. She’s read the books and seen the films and is now intent on filling her life with as much of the meaningless memorabilia that she can. Ten figures of one character, four of another and a paltry one of those less important. She does this to try and be one up on other people; I have a problem with that.

My friend collects CDs. I am not sure how many he has, I know he has a varying range of different artists from The Vines to Kasabian. He goes to concerts to see bands he likes and bands he doesn't like. He does this to try and be one up on other people. I have a problem with that.


Buy what you want as a person, Like what you like and hate what you hate, but never do or become something if your just doing it because it's in style or is cool at the moment.

The acquisitive nature of Japanese materialism is definitely rubbing off on western culture. My so called friend goes out and buys CDs by bands he knows I like, and yet he doesn't; and then rubs my face in it by degrading something he knows I will enjoy. He has to be the first to have things, regardless of his own personal opinion on the musical artist.
I have a problem with that.

I myself have never been in with the cool crowd; I have always been the quiet shy one who has different tastes to everyone else. Be it in what I read, watched on TV or film and what I listen to musically. So be it if my tastes have now become a somewhat varied mash of both mainstream and non-mainstream. It's just the changes within our culture that means our materialistic base shifts.  I know a lot of people who always have to get the latest items that are cool before anyone else. Probably as some sort of reassurance that their mother or father loves them, or that they themselves are above me because they can afford it before I can. Why can’t things be a lot simpler than they are now? If people cared more about each other than material possessions the world would be a better place.

© Daniel Moore. November 17th 2004

Dan is a creative writing student at Portsmouth University

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