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Shedding of the winter skin.

Sara Towe escapes to the sun

So off we went, all aware of this last trip and that we do not spend a lot of time together as a family any more.

As I lay in the water in "The Blue Lagoon" in the Bahamas, I was thinking, Boy I am getting baked. Tis true, I was baking away and I did not care. The water was so blue and crisp, the sky surrounded you like a peaceful blanket, and the air was softly brushing against my hot brow. I did not suffer long as I used aromatherapy to combat the burn and I was peeling in no time. Paradise? yes. I could have stayed there for a very long time, weeks, months, but alas duty called and I had to say good-bye to that wonderful island of blues, whites and water.

Sailing back to Nassau one could see the big very big Atlantis Hotel, looming over the city. It stood there inviting you in, but also telling you that you would have to mortgage your house to stay there. The middle apartment goes for $25,000-00 U.S. a night. If had that kind of money to spend I would have a yacht where I could escape to when ever the pressures of life got to much, like once a week.

I was on a cruise with my family, which took us for only one day to the Bahamas, and then back to Fort Lauderdale. We had left snow behind in Vancouver B.C. Canada, and were very grateful to be in 86-93 degrees. This was the last family away holiday, as my oldest is 19 years old and my 17 year old is about to graduate and the 13 year old would prefer to be with her friends.

So off we went, all aware of this last trip and also aware that as we do not spend a lot of time together as a family any more. That 8 days all-together was going to be a challenge. We survived well considering, not to many blowups. When you have so many strong personalities together, there is bound to be an occasional clash. Driving in the States does not help, you have to drive so far just to get to the next town, every thing is a big distance away, and can be quite boring on those long stretches of flat roads. Do not get me wrong I found Fort Lauderdale a very pretty place with its palm trees and beautiful homes, but in B.C. Canada, every where we go there are always trees or mountains and green areas that just suck you in to their beauty. It makes driving less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

We were lucky that we sat with an other couple and their three sons at the table on the cruise, as the four oldest got on very well, and partied together both on the boat and on land. They are a very nice couple from Orlando, who introduced us to 'grits', and we had a fun time with them in
Ft Lauderdale. Thanks Stone family, Robert, Lisa, Randy, Josh and Bobby, hope we meet again.

In order to get this trip discounted, (haha) we had to attend a seminar at the Radisson Hotel on Singer Island. It is a sales pitch, they want you to buy a time share room at the hotel, and then you can have discounted holidays any where in the world. We bought into it, the young girl Maria was very persuasive, and it is a very good idea. Having children of travel age and desire, we saw it as an inexpensive way for them to travel, $129-00 U.S. a week with in North America and $169-00 international. But alas when we got back to the hotel and read the fine print and translated it into Canadian dollars, it just was not feasible at this time, so we cancelled the dream, but grateful that we were introduced to it, because we will seek another location closer to home.

Food, boy did I miss our Chinese food, and the prices WOW, for each meal we had there we can have 2-3 excellent meals here. We are so spoilt here in Canada, our dollar may be weak but what we can get with it is not. We eat well here and we are close to so much, and we have such a diversified way of living that there is always something to do and to go to. I love going places, to see to experience, to enjoy, but I love coming home.

I must admit sunshine does make life a lot more pleasant do deal with, I sit here now with the rain falling outside and the sun beating down on me in that blue lagoon as just a fading memory. Sigh!
But work has to be done, my web site is almost up and ready, and my business is officially about to launch, so lots to do and prepare for plus I have a furry new baby coming to my home. Kokomono Gifu will be joining us tomorrow; she is an 8-week border collie with a big white collar of white fur and a white patch over one eye. This means training and praying that the cat won't kill her, but look at her as a playmate, a furry sister. Why have I done this now just as I an about to launch my business? Why get a dog? Well my youngest will be spending a lot of time alone now with everyone working, so to keep her company and protected Kokomono will be there for her. Plus when I see clients that have been through a trauma, a dog has a way of bridging the gap and putting them at ease.

Gosh there was so much to do before I left for the trip, and it now feels so long ago, but no matter what I will fondly remember the sun that day burning away my winter coat and warming my so needy soul. Memories are what it is all about. In the humdrum of each day, it is good just to go back in time to a memory that reached in and touched your soul. No matter what, no one can take away your memories and what it is you choose to remember is your choice.

Now back to work, and to prepare for Kokomono (my youngest named her) and realize that our lives are about to change forever once again.
Positive living to you all, and I wish you sunshine in your souls.

© SARA TOWE April 2002
Vancouver, Canada.

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Sara Towe

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