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James Campion
READERS RESPONSES Holy Hell for Holy Week – April 2002

'...I believe I read in your web site’s biography you enjoyed fantasy books.'

JC, A classic column that HOLY HELL FOR HOLY WEEK.
As kids we always "knew" that deep down you couldn't trust a Priest, and that anybody who willingly gave up sex and couldn't get married had to be a "perve." The sad part is that we were RIGHT. It's one of those universal "truths" of childhood come true. I really believe that the gig is up, and that if the Catholic Church doesn't at least offer an alternative priesthood as a cover for this mess than they are truly fucked. As it is, I think most young Catholics gave up on that divine Pope-myth long ago.
Down here in the Big Apple you can already hear the other shoe drop regarding Cardinal Egan and his role in this crap. Somebody's going to get lynched and he will be the first target. He will be asked questions about his own activities, about his past. The Witch-hunt has begun. CB

Sir, Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying all this things I've ever dreamed of being articulate enough to say in your latest article, "Holy Hell for Holy Week". That last line is probably the most prolific statement describing us hairless apes I've ever seen: "They know all about what happens when you try and halt the cycle of hate and ignorance, for every Sunday there is the lifeless image of a man hanging from a cross above their heads to remind them." Whoops, didn't mean to insult a smarter primate than us. Steve Truglio (shots in the dark drunk ass)

Mr. Campion, You know, usually when I read magazine articles, newspapers etc.; I'm mostly learning about others or a certain country and so on. But when I read Reality Check I also find myself re-evaluating a 'definite' thought I had prior to reading. Which is decidedly a plus. Maybe that has to do with my age, then again do we ever stop learning? My guess is no, death being a new experience unless one believes in reincarnation, which I won't touch.
Anyhow, many of your views I also concur with.
Moving on into religion to exemplify my meaning. Which first I must ask what you meant when you wrote: "Because you know that's it's God's Will..."? I don't know whether or not you intricately worded it to appear as though making an open statement based on your opinion or merely a sarcastic reference to the 'typical' outlook as though mocking something/someone you've heard say it. So I will say this on both accounts: "I want to know God’s thoughts." - Albert Einstein". I think this roughly sums my religion. I'm not an atheist apparently, more along the lines of agnostic. And believe me when I say I'm a very spiritual person, more self-involved though, but I blame that on being fiercely independent. I embrace the unknown and that is my proverbial high. I respect any religion's views and give them a plus for the possible 'everything' list, if they're not apparently banal in some form. I can respect them all this way. As for the Bible I see it as an assortment of d!ocuments based on actual events and I believe I read in your web site’s biography you enjoyed fantasy books. This is where I compare the heroism/tragedy plot as just fabricated to pass down in myth. Something miraculous.
Now if you had written the piece with your laconic accuracy and sparing no niceties it might be more realistic. (I think that's a written blasphemy somehow.. Oops.)
We have people who'd rather embrace the hand of little children than God her/himself. And I ask myself too, 'should Priests be given the right to skip the celibacy clause?' Although if they're given the option, how does this resolve the pedophile dysfunction? Pedophiles want children, I didn't hear of those Priests' going for 'consensual' adult women/men. (Not recently anyhow, that I know of.) It's giving me an idea they're more of a day job Priest than pure enjoyment to serve God.
Aren't people supposed to be married before they're suitable in the eyes of God to fornicate !(their bible order.) It's like going to confessional;."Father I've sinned." and him replying.."Oh me too, had me a wild night with this blonde!". Hell, why doesn't the government just open the doors to the nunnery and turn them loose as well? Perhaps they'll even allow marriage someday! Or better yet why don't they just write the Bible out in pencil so they can alter as they see fit. (Wanting public approval to bend morals.)? And on that note, I didn't catch a 'nuns free of celibacy’. Is that equal across genders? And you know, Mr. Campion, when our society becomes so supreme and untouchable that we will attempt to adjust our own thought-to-be makers' (general speaking) word it can be little more than a dramatic role for the publics' eyes and even their very own apprehensions coming through. "If I'm not good I'll burn." The unconditional rather mishandled treading selfishness, hoping these deeds win them eternal paradise, etc. But to my understanding, the soul/spirit is what counts and if their body is restricted yet their mind persists the sinful thoughts lacking a correction pattern of some sort the results end no differently.

It's odd, because sometimes through your newsletters I don't know whether you are neutral, pro or con, even so just 'realist' peeking in, putting us beneath the microscope. Used also for a vent. And honestly I can say for myself I appreciate your dedication, as my Spread the Sickness Army, we all are not going to back down from a challenge. Especially when it's been let go long enough by people who've been given some nimbus skyscraper & Mercedes. We forget we do have rights to fight every little distasteful partaking. So we lay in the decay and complain at its conditions, because as the people who reign over us have minions, we also inherited their ways and through our complaints we expect for someone else to pull it off. Marie Mr. Campion: Maybe I'm not reading into your column properly, but the way I see it, according to your theme, God is whatever it is you can blame for the reasons you do stupid things. What an out! I should have thought of this before. God is pussy. Enough said.
God is alcohol, pills and powder. Enough said.
God is the reason I show up for work every day, 'cause if he manifests any particular form on this earth, it's green paper with dead presidents.
God is ratings.
God is a black liquid that oozes from the bowels of the earth and has caused nations to kill, maim, lie cheat, steal, posture, threaten, deceive, speculate, poll, buy, sell and fuck anyone up the ass anyway you see fit to obtain it.
Why can't I have a crusade in the name of Catholic schoolgirl outfits? My God says that any woman worth her salt should wear pigtails and knee high stockings. May God be With You, Bohammer

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James Campion - a recovering Catholic.
...anytime more than two people are gathered in the name of God there had better not be any sharp objects available.

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