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Sara Towe

When you look through the ages at fashion, today's styles can be very depressing. Where did the voluptuous woman go? Where is she in the fashion magazines?
Designers have taken our femininity away from us by making women look like boys in girl's clothes. Do you remember when we were growing up, how we could not wait for a bust or some shapely curves that marked us as woman? Now all I see representing us are flat chested boy's with no waist, no hips, and scrawny legs. Ali McBeal as a fashion icon? Are you kidding me?

The big bosses at the movie and TV studios are dictating that women in the media's eye should all be skinny with boyish bodies. The magazines with all their airbrushing make women . look so unreal. Sophie Dahl - the bigger glam model is on a diet to become more acceptable.

Why do women out there buy into this crap? Why are you chiseling your bodies to look like men? Why is a robust woman considered fat? Who decides this? Them or you? Only you decide your sex appeal. Only you can decide if you feel sexy, if you feel womanly, not them.
If you are a little on the heavy side do what you have to do for your health, a bigger woman can and does look fabulous in the right clothes and with the right attitude.

Sex appeal is all an attitude, our attitude. When we walk into a room, the impression we want to make is that we are woman, can you make us roar. We can feel very sensual without a man. (Without being gay) We are comfortable in our own skin and sensuality does not need to be based around sex. Being a woman is about how we feel about ourselves. Do we turn ourselves on? Do we feel the empowerment of being a woman? Do we relish it? Or do we let others decide if we are sexy or womanly enough for them?

Even Sophie Dahl has now gone on a diet

Do men actually know what is sexy? When you have undernourished fashion icons out there and actresses starving themselves to look like scarecrows - do men know what a real woman looks like? They rarely see one.

They have been told that anyone over a size 8 is large and unsightly. Can you blame the male species from being confused? I know that not all women are the same, and that there are many beautiful women that are naturally slim and tiny, and they have sex appeal. But a large woman can look drop dead gorgeous too.

Being a woman has nothing to with size, nothing. It is to do with our own self-value, and not the values that are put upon us by society, dictated to by the fashion industry and the entertainment business.

Gentleman, please do not look at us as a "show and tell" item. If you can bed us then you can be proud to be seen with us out in public. If you obsess over a women's weight, then you need to question why that is. That is your hang up - not theirs. If you think that all women should look like say Julia Roberts, then you are dull and boring.

Life is a variety of things and of people, we are all made very differently, with our own uniqueness. We all have something to give that certain someone, something special, our compassion and our sensual love.

We all like a pretty package, that is why I am in the business of fashion consultant. We are want to look our best, but with the designers pandering to the anorexics anyone over size 8 has no chance to dress sexy and alluring - because there is no choice of clothing to wear. All the shops go up to size (tiny) 14 and after that good luck in finding any thing snazzy or sexy, there is only frumpy, which makes us grumpy (sorry could not resist).

I invite all designers in West Coast to design clothing for the millions of beautiful sensual woman here who would love to have something to wear. I also them to get real, and start designing real clothes for all shapes and sizes of women, You must also insist that the magazines show them. Get real actress to wear them and give some hope to women and young girls all over the world, that shapely or heavy is not bad, but womanly. It has been that way for eternity.

Women rebel. Write to the media and insist that they stop putting the abnormal pressure on a woman to loose weight. Weight loss is a serious thing, and must be done wisely.

Fitness is good, but dieting to death just to fit into an image your body type is not designed for is deadly and soul destroying. Eat wise, exercise wise, and get rid of the heavy weight in your heart, and the negative image you have yourself. Because you don't deserve it. Do not judge yourself, nor allow anyone else judge you. Aspire to grow in your spirit, in your attitude to life and in your love of yourself just the way you are.

Men I know that you are under some pressure to look great too, with six pack abbs and bronzed bodies constantly thrown in your faces. Understand this, we love a guy who looks after himself, clean, healthy, not too heavy. But most of all we want an understanding man, not judgemental and loving. It is all about attitude towards life, women, children, and the fellow man.

I know that there will be some people out there who will disagree with me. But if you agree with me please do write back, and tell me your opinions.
I am in the business of fashion I would love to know other people's side of it.
If any one wants to reply please e-mail me at
I hope that everyone has a great summer, and bring out your own sense of
Sensuality with your own style and confidence in your self.

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Shedding of the winter skin.
Sara Towe escapes to the sun

So off we went, all aware of this last trip and that we do not spend a lot of time together as a family anymore.

Sara Towe

Why is it the regular man does not quite measure up to our sexy screen stars?

In Memory of a Father

© Sara Towe 2001
Vancouver B.C.


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