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Sara Towe - a personal response the the American tradgedy.

My main business is discovering peoples “True Colours”. What is the colour of their personality, their choice of environment and the colour of their wardrobe. The main thing behind this is to teach people how to communicate their personalities by understanding them selves and others. Your appearance and body language speaks volumes about who you are and how you feel about another person. This is all before we speak to one another, before we hear what they have to say and feel what it is they want to prevail to us.

Respect is something we all desire from other people. To be heard, to be acknowledged and to be understood. Colouring knowledge is all about communicating with that respect and understanding of ourselves and others.

We did not have any colours on Tuesday the11th day of the ninth month. It was a very dark and fearful day that not only hit America, but the whole world. The knowledge that another so called human being can use innocent people to destroy their own people in such away, was beyond words and emotions.

No matter what you have seen on the news elsewhere in the world, we stopped in our tracks to acknowledge the horrors before us on every news channel in existence. Now the reality hits us hard, as we see the huge number of people realizing that they have lost their loved ones forever. The stories of their lives will come over the next few months, the pain being fully relived each time another body comes out of the rubble. It does not matter who you are or where you are or what the colour of your skin is or what your race and religion are. We cannot turn our backs on this event, because it could have been us, and if we are not careful it still could be.

Our biggest fear now to all of us, is that it can happen again, to us. And how do we prevent this happening again? I fully understand that retaliation is needed, but not at the cost of more children and innocent people trying to exist in an imperfect world. We need to understand that the people who did this only have hate to guide them, hate born from infancy and guided by misguided people who only know war. Can we comprehend why these people hate America so much?

When you have nothing you are envious of those you perceive to have everything. Again the lack of understanding that life has to be worked for, and that America built itself up by the need to be the best and offer the best in the world. These countries that are hurting from hunger and poverty should look to their leaders to ask why they are in this way, ask them why they the leaders are so rich but the people so poor. (If they know) Yes America has interfered with other countries, and sometime makes things worst rather than better. It's possible that all this was done with the best of intentions and this New York tragedy is for tham and us a wake up call.

To have people want to help and care for you, you must appeal to their caring nature. To hate so blindly only makes things worst by bringing out the hate that we all carry inside and blind us so that no decision can be a good one. If you want to make a difference in this world no matter where you live, don’t judge them because you don’t understand them or because they are different to you. Take the time to get to know them and to give a damn about what they have to say in this world. If all people were the same, where would passion come from? A difference makes for an interesting life, and culture teaches us about ourselves and the need to communicate better.

Wherever you are today, take time out to get to know someone better, to learn their ways and to understand that it is ok to be different and to share those difference with others in a positive way. Hear them see them and feel them. We all listen in different ways and so communication is not just words read or spoken but acknowledging the whole of a person mind, body and soul. Be calm, will tranquility, tolerance, and love. Before you cast a stone against others, ask if that stone should be cast upon you, are your thoughts so innocent? Have you made an effort to understand? What difference have you made? Words are big, but actions speak louder and last longer.

For the sake of this world and all humanity I wish us all understanding and patience with one another. May the dead find peace and the living find life amongst their pain. And may the guilty pay for their crimes.

I wish everyone the right to love, live in peaceful understanding, and may life win over death and the right to live peacefully.

© Sara Towe. 2001
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